Emmerdale theory: Marlon Dingle’s estranged mother makes soap debut after tragic news

Last week, Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk celebrated their important day in the company of their loved ones.

Marlon’s mother, Delilah Dingle Sr., who didn’t even go to see him in the hospital after his stroke, wasn’t present during the wedding.

Could his estranged mum be making a comeback to Emmerdale following some devastating news?

Fans of Emmerdale will recognize Marlon’s mother Delilah Dingle Sr., but they are not familiar with his father Albert Dingle (Bobby Knutt).

The soap’s Marlon actor, Mark, stated to the reporters at a press event to launch the 50th anniversary celebrations: “We have never truly met Marlon’s mum, well, she is talked about in the sense that I once said I swore on her grave.

“However, we don’t know anything about his mother, but we knew his dad, Albert Dingle, played by Bobby; thus, I think it would be incredibly humorous to bring in Marlon’s mother.”

He joked: “Albert wasn’t a particularly tall man. Marlon’s mother should be this imposing figure, in my opinion.”

After completing his term for armed robbery, Albert makes his Emmerdale debut in 1995.

Later, he was sent back to prison for a second armed robbery, and after his release in 2004, he vanished without a trace.

Actress Zoe from Rhona stated: “Frances De La Tour is the person I really like the concept of [playing Marlon’s mother].”

The role of Olympe Maxime in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire may be the one for which the three-time Olivier Award winner is best remembered.

Will Delilah return in time for the soap opera’s 50th birthday in October? Zoe also stated that she would want to see additional family members introduced into the show.

After Marlon’s health deteriorates, could Albert and Delilah make a comeback to the soap opera together?

When the Emmerdale chef had a stroke in March, his life was completely turned upside down.

Although he has been receiving therapy and treatment, it is unclear whether he will recover.

If Marlon tragically passes away, would his parents come back to the village so they may give him a befitting send-off during his funeral?

The stories that Emmerdale producers have in store for the soap’s anniversary month have only been hinted at in passing.

Will there be a Dingle family reunion with Delilah and Albert present?

“For all the tales being told throughout this month and all the storylines that have been building throughout the year, nothing has just been shoehorned in, all the stories have been driven by the characters and they all have an impact,” producer Jane Hudson teased.

It affects so many of our families; it’s not just a storm that hits a few people; the entire town is affected.

This is a tip for you all: “There is one thing that no one has done and no other soap could accomplish it besides Emmerdale apart from where we are.”

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