Emmerdale theory: Marlon Dingle to betray Rhona Goskirk with beloved villager

After having a stroke earlier this year, Marlon has had a difficult few months on Emmerdale.

Rhona has been by his side the entire time, organizing care plans for her spouse when she is at work and caring for the couple’s two kids.

Her attempts could have been in fruitless, though, as it appears her fiancé will grow close to another villager in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap opera.

The drama will continue in the episodes that air the following week as Marlon and Rhona get ready for their upcoming nuptials.

Because Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) intervened and managed to acquire the church for August, everything has been expedited.

Marlon feels disconnected from his former self, therefore it appears that the effects of his stroke are still having a significant impact on his psyche.

Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade), who sustained skin burns in the maze fire, is another person whose life has changed immeasurably in the past year.

Unfortunately, the businesswoman is now self-conscious about how she appears and finds it difficult to accept how stunning she is despite her scars.

The two characters eventually start chatting about what’s on their minds because they are both dealing with personal struggles.

Although the two have not shared many moments together, it appears that they connect over their common battles with themselves.

Since Rhona is not currently going through something so life-altering, Marlon is unable to do this with her.

In reality, Marlon’s interaction with Priya gives him the opportunity to reach a new record-breaking milestone.

Marlon might wind up spending more time with Priya since he views their friendship as a source of strength.

The two characters may become aware of their growing affections for one another as their relationship develops since they are able to relate to one another.

Marlon might end up kissing Priya before his wedding to Rhona because he is no longer able to suppress his impulses.

The businesswoman might kiss Marlon back if she wants to develop their relationship beyond friendship.

These two have never before shown any signs of getting together, but their difficulties might lead them to begin an affair.

Marlon might feel guilty on his wedding day because he knows he cannot marry Rhona after deceiving her.

After confessing his misdeeds, Marlon may be saddened when Rhona ultimately walks out on him, canceling the wedding and assuring Priya that she is more than welcome to him.

Even though Priya has been in many relationships while living in the village, this one could be the messiest one.

Will the entrepreneur stand with Marlon or leave him since she can’t assist him, tearing a family apart?

Whatever transpires, it appears Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt), as he talks the wedding with Marlon, will receive some good news the next week.

Marlon asks his closest buddy and Rhona’s previous lover, who is still in need of a best man, whether he will be by his side on the wedding day.

Paddy gladly accepts the part, but will he have to handle the fallout if the affair is revealed on the couple’s special day?

As Marlon continues on his arduous path to rehabilitation, the actor who plays him, Mark, has previously spoken out on the plot’s future.

When asked about the recovery of his character, Mark responded, “As it should be truly. We’re extremely fortunate to work in a genre that allows us to convey a tale day by day; it almost feels like you’re watching it unfold live.

“The adventure has been incredible. The journey’s greatest accomplishment has been spreading awareness.

He told RadioTimes.com that the response to people sharing experiences on social media had been “overwhelming.”

The actor said, “We did a ton of research. I admit that I was anxious about doing it correctly.

“I felt like I had a huge obligation to the survivors and the family members. Although I was anxious, it was quite fulfilling.

Only time will tell if Marlon stays true to Rhona, but if he does, it appears Mary might take aggressive measures.

Will she murder Marlon for having an affair with his neighbor Priya, as several fans have speculated in the past?

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