Emmerdale theory: Marcus Dean and Naomi’s plan to destroy the Andersons exposed

Since he first moved to the village, EMMERDALE heartthrob Marcus Dean has been shrouded in mystery, but a fresh speculation from Express.co.uk indicates that his grand plot might finally be revealed in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap opera.

Since moving in with Ethan Anderson as their love quickly progressed through the stages, Marcus has adapted well to life in the Emmerdale village.

The ITV soap’s relative newcomer has a relationship with Charles Anderson, the father of his boyfriend, which has strained things.

The father and daughter pair were disturbed when they learned that their long-lost daughter and sister Naomi (Karene Peter) had vanished in Monday’s episode of the ITV soap opera, despite the fact that peace had finally been restored. But is Marcus connected to this in any way?

After hearing the news, Charles experienced intense guilt since he realized that his refusal to meet his daughter had caused her to disappear.

As a result, the vicar lashed out at Marcus, who appeared to be trying to assist his boyfriend’s father. While the vicar left them to it, the heartthrob conducted some independent investigation.

Later in the episode, as he was about to tell Ethan what he had learned about Naomi, Charles entered with his tail between his legs.

What do you desire? The churchgoer said, “I came to apologize, I shouldn’t have reacted like I did,” to Ethan’s question.

“Marcus, I can promise you that you did nothing to cause this. I’m just angry at myself for what I did. It was wrong that I took it out on you, he continued.

Marcus wanted to tell him about his findings before he left, so he said, “That’s all I wanted to say, I’ll leave you two alone.”

The hunk said, “I was about to tell Ethan I looked around online a little for Naomi.”

“It’s pointless; I’ve tried that thousands of times,” Ethan retorted. I was inquisitive, but I couldn’t find anything because all of her accounts are set to private.

Marcus continued, “Yes, her main profile is, but I was able to find stuff she enjoyed; groups, individuals, and places. I believe I’ve located the pub where she works.

Charles said to Marcus: “I don’t see how it helps, we know she hasn’t been there.” Charles wasn’t sure where his son’s lover was heading with this.

Yes, Marcus added, “but the other employees there have privacy settings that are all over the place.

“As a result, I can see where they checked in during staff hangouts and evenings out.

There are a few places they frequent, so I figured it could be a good place to start investigating,” the heartthrob said, thanking the father profusely for his efforts.

Marcus appeared to have also discovered a photo of Naomi, which he then showed to her worried family members who had never met her.

Though things may not be as it seems, Charles and Ethan were thrilled with the progress made in finding the newcomer.

This is due to the possibility that Marcus and Naomi truly know one another, which may have been the real reason the heartthrob began dating Ethan.

It’s possible that before arriving in the community, Marcus experienced a past event that had an affect on his life and connections to the Andersons.

He might have been plotting his retaliation against them for years, and it might have just so happened that he ran into Naomi while on this mission.

He could have found out from her that she detested her family just as much as he did because they had given her up for adoption at birth as soon as they could.

The two could have resolved to seek redress after Marcus revealed what the family had done to him, which would have brought Marcus to the village.

Although he was initially introduced as a part of Jonathan Wrather’s (Jonathan Harris) leaving plot, he might have noticed Ethan and realized this was his moment to get retribution.

By discussing this with Naomi, she might have given him the encouragement he needed to pretend to like her brother in order to gain access.

Marcus could have carried out the second phase of his revenge strategy by convincing Ethan and Charles to join him, which would have allowed Naomi to stage her disappearance.

Once more, Marcus might have predicted that Charles would yell at him, giving him the opportunity to prepare a lie about how he discovered Naomi’s whereabouts by finding her on social media.

As the father and brother see the young woman for the first time later this week, Naomi will make her television debut.

How will they respond, though, when they realize she’s been working with Marcus the entire while to exact revenge on them?

The actress who plays Naomi, Karene, commented on joining the cast: “My first day was shooting sequences where I find out about it and I argue with the bar manager because Naomi has a bit of an edge. So, it was a lot of fun.

She told the media, “I feel like I should have been nervous but I actually wasn’t since everyone was lovely.

Will this newcomer honestly want to get to know the family who rejected her or does she have a secret agenda?

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