Emmerdale theory: Manpreet Sharma discovers Naomi Walters’ link to Meena Jutla

Following Meena’s reign of terror on Emmerdale coming to an end, Manpreet just returned from a vacation in Ibiza.

Manpreet believed she would never have to speak to her sister again now that she was serving a 75-year prison sentence.

The return of Naomi Walters, the long-lost daughter of Charles Anderson, to the ITV soap opera, however, might compel the doctor to recall some more unsettling recollections concerning her sibling.

The drama will continue in the episodes that air the following week as Manpreet continues to stand by her partner Charles despite the fact that his daughter doesn’t want to date him.

The vicar is having a difficult time, but his partner encourages him to persevere and to allow Naomi some time to process what has happened.

On the other hand, she is attracted by a phone conversation Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) is making when she walks into the café in Friday night’s episode.

The electrician talks about the subject without realizing anyone is listening and without worrying that his conversation might be overheard.

Hearing Naomi’s name repeated, Manpreet decides she can no longer remain silent and approaches Ethan Anderson’s (Emile John) boyfriend.

Marcus is compelled to disclose that Ethan has been meeting up with his sister Naomi behind their father’s back because Charles is also present in the coffee shop.

The vicar will be appalled to learn this and will be grateful that Manpreet was able to persuade Ethan’s boyfriend to tell the truth.

Manpreet might go deeper into Naomi as her partner laments the development of a friendship between his son and daughter.

Manpreet may be having trouble visualizing how she knows the newcomer as she has only met her a few times, despite the fact that her face is so familiar.

The doctor might suddenly realize that Meena and she went to the same school together and that they once had a close friendship.

Manpreet could meet with the newcomer behind her partner’s back rather than telling Charles about it.

Manpreet may ask Naomi to meet her for coffee to talk things over as soon as she has the young woman’s contact information from Ethan’s phone.

When Naomi shows up at the agreed-upon location, she can be aggressive since she expects to be questioned about her father.

She assumed she would never have to talk about Meena again, so she would be shocked to find Manpreet wants to talk to her about her.

Manpreet is curious as to whether Naomi was aware of her wicked side at such a young age, therefore it’s possible that what she hears would shock the doctor to her very core.

Naomi might explain that although she and Meena were friends, when events took a nasty turn, she was forced to put some distance between them.

Meena might have became rather fixated on Naomi and refused to let her speak to anybody else but her.

The newcomer might have felt alone at school as a result of this, and she might have asked to be moved away from Meena.

Meena might have become fixated on someone else because she wouldn’t have known where Naomi left, which could have started a domino effect.

Will Manpreet eventually begin to comprehend her sister a little more and ask Naomi more questions about the villain?

Rebecca, the actress who portrays Manpreet, has spoken out about the bond her character shared with the sisters before they parted ways.

When Rebecca saw Meena in court, she explained, “She knows that weapons are in Meena’s armor and that Meena will throw everything at her to favor her cause.”

“The sisters really know each other inside and out; she is aware and attempting to get ready for what is about to happen. She finds it unsettling to be so openly exposed in court.

But could anything have prepared Manpreet for learning that her partner’s daughter had once been her sister’s best friend?

Naomi’s portrayer, Karene, has also talked about her persona and how she might be comparable to Meena.

Cathy said: “She has a tendency to rebel. I merely believe that her mother and father may be experiencing some little abandonment issues.

“Although [her connection with her mother] has improved, it may not be a perfect, fairytale mother-daughter relationship. Esme may perceive them as being closer than Naomi does, in my opinion.

“After learning about her, Charles didn’t want to interact with her. That contributed to Naomi’s negative first impression of her biological father.”

Could it be that she is seeking retribution because her interaction with Meena caused her to take on some of the villain’s evil tendencies?

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