Emmerdale theory: Lydia Dingle expecting baby as third pregnancy rocks the village

In Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale, Lydia, who recently assumed the position of Kim Tate’s wedding planner, was shown juggling a variety of tasks.

Charity Dingle and Amelia Spencer thought about their futures after learning they were pregnant, and it seemed like the pressure simply kept piling up on her shoulders.

However, in light of the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera, it’s possible that other villagers will also be anticipating a new arrival in the Autumn.

Beginning the episode, Lydia was juggling her duties at the café with taking calls from Kim, who was placing orders left, right, and center.

Because of how much she had on her plate and the way she was acting toward the clients, Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) was worried about her neighbor.

Brenda believed it was appropriate to speak with her buddy because the villagers were either not receiving what they ordered or were receiving the wrong products.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out well since Lydia snapped at her coworker and vented her anger at her.

Do you even have a job today? Brenda enquired, and Lydia responded: “What do I appear to be doing? awaiting the bus with the number seven?”

“Since half past seven this morning, I have been circling the area. You get at work at nine o’clock, “She continued despite her outburst of rage.

Lydia said, “You make one pitiful hot chocolate and you want a flipping medal,” and then she stormed out of the cafe.

Brenda called Sam Dingle (James Hooton) later in the episode to inquire about his wife’s well-being because she hadn’t reported back to work.

Brenda sat down in the café and said: “I had a small amount of concern for Lydia. Did she inform you that she left in a rage earlier?”

Sam explained it away by saying that Kim was pressuring his wife to complete all of the wedding preparations.

Sam asked Brenda if she was alright after hearing her say, “She had a right go at me,” and Lydia then returned to the café.

Lydia was caught off guard when she realized that venting her annoyance towards Brenda was out of character for her.

“I’m sorry for earlier. I’ve had a challenging day “Brenda assured her that she had nothing to be concerned about as she claimed.

“You are not to blame. Sam continued, “Kim Tate is a complete nightmare. Lydia told her husband, “She knows what she wants.”

She referred to a previous discussion she had with Kim’s sacked employee Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi), and realized she needed to focus all of her energies on wedding preparations.

“I need to stop being such a wimp and just do what I said I would do. The wedding of the decade is going to be this one “Lydia went on.

However, there may be another reason for Lydia’s erratic behavior, and that reason might be that she is expecting a child.

Sam and Lydia have not spoken their desire to have a child of their own, with the adored villager giving birth to Samson Dingle (Sam Hall).

For the couple, this has seemed like more than enough, so a pregnancy would come as a complete shock.

Lydia might take a pregnancy test and tell her husband they are pregnant after she realizes that it appears to be more than simply stress that is causing her to act out.

As they get older, the characters might be concerned that they won’t be able to have a baby and fit it into their already hectic schedules.

Three births might occur around the milestone episodes, therefore this might be incorporated into the show before its 50th anniversary.

The births of Debbie Dingle and Gennie Walker were broadcast in 2012 as part of the soap opera’s 40th anniversary festivities.

Given that Lydia, Charity, and Amelia are all expected to give birth at roughly the same time in the fall, managers may be trying to break this record.

Will all three of them continue their pregnancies, though, with so much to think about before welcoming a child?

The show’s executive producer, Jane Hudson, revealed there might be some newcomers in the upcoming months earlier this year.

In remarks to the press, she stated: “Before the year is out, a new baby will be moving into Emmerdale.

“There are so many female characters on the program that I don’t think that reveals anything, but there will be a newcomer before the year is up.

“Undoubtedly, a baby will be born during the anniversary month. There will be one of those events because babies in soap operas are either born during program celebrations or during the Christmas season.”

Will three births be an appropriate characteristic to see in the show’s 50th season?

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