Emmerdale theory: Liam Cavanagh for affair with Victoria Sudgen in divorce twist

After masking her addiction issues for months, Leyla’s overdosing on drugs on Emmerdale earlier this week left Liam inconsolable.

As he learned more of the facts, Liam grew furious as he saw how deeply involved Suzy Merton was in the drug trade and how deeply entangled his wife was in it.

The fact that David Metcalfe knew and he did not made the doctor furious, and this is where he could exact revenge on the ITV serial because his emotions were already out of control.

Liam couldn’t stand to be with Leyla in the hospital on Friday’s show, and he didn’t seem to mind that she was awake and prepared to talk.

As his wife began to emerge from her coma, Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins), who was filling in for her absent partner David, paid him a visit.

Victoria called Liam and asked him about the status of his wife, saying, “I tried phoning you but it went straight to voicemail.”

“Apologies. Trying to clean up my wife’s mess has taken up some of my time “The doctor continued as he didn’t seem to care much.

“She changed her mind. So if you like, I can take us to the hospital. It’s not a hassle, “One child’s mother informed a neighbor.

“Thanks, but not just now,” Liam replied, to which Victoria responded, “Liam, it’s Leyla. Your wife is here.”

The doctor retaliated by reminding his neighbor, “Wife? I’ve been sharing a home with a total stranger. She has vanished from my memory.

Victoria continued without taking a position, saying: “She’s the woman who held you when your daughter died. the same woman who helped you go through your hardest year ever.

Liam did not budge, and the mother begged him to reconsider, saying, “I’m not condoning anything she’s done, but right now, she needs you.”

I’ve been so naive; she kept brushing me off and telling me to cut back on the booze. I could have assisted her in finding a solution.

Liam emphasized that he had the option of getting his wife professional assistance, but at this point Victoria revealed all.

She claimed that David was attempting to assist Leyla by getting her into meetings and pressuring her to enter rehab because he was aware of her issues with addiction.

Victoria corrected a hurt Liam by saying, “I realize you’re hurting, but it is not fair, David didn’t ask for any of this. I imagine he liked being the savior.”

The doctor said, “Please, it’s what thrives on, any damsel in distress and he’s there like a limpet,” as Victoria appeared to be somewhat defeated.

She responded, trying to defend the man who was standing up for his ex-partner, saying, “Maybe that’s why Leyla lent on him because you’ve gone through enough.”

Liam hit out once more, snarkily responding to Victoria: “I see. So now since my kid was slain, it’s my fault?”

One child’s mother informed him: “I didn’t say that, though. You were obviously having trouble; anyone would. Leyla needs you since she was and still is just like that.”

By the end of the episode, Liam had not been persuaded by Victoria to change his mind, but it appeared that he was very upset with David.

This can lead the doctor to believe that he needs to manipulate his partner Victoria in order to exact revenge on his love rival.

Knowing the mother is worried about the deep bond her partner and Leyla share, Liam may try to entice her into his arms by reminding her of how David will always put his ex-girlfriend first.

Victoria might end up sleeping with the doctor when he rids himself of Leyla because she is aware that Liam needs some assistance and feels ignored by David.

The two could try to conceal their relationship, but secrets don’t remain hidden for very long, and eventually their respective partners would find out.

She might explain what Liam was saying about him and Leyla as David struggles to understand why his partner betrayed him.

David might confront Liam and discover how his other half was handled so he could understand the suffering the patient caused the physician.

Given how this incident affects a number of village residents, how will the village ever be the same?

Producer of the show Laura Shaw talked about how this narrative will end for Liam and what it would imply for his marriage earlier this year.

To Express.co.uk and other media, Laura outlined: “Leyla’s upcoming plot involves the unexpected revelation of a secret.

“And for Liam and Jacob in particular, this will have a significant impact.

Stories about some of our most cherished couples will show how they deal with difficulties as solid family units.

Could this imply that Liam will eventually cheat on his wife after learning of her treachery?

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