Emmerdale theory: Leyla Harding pregnant with David Metcalfe’s baby as drug secret exposed

Even though Suzy Merton has stopped partying and her husband Liam has gone near to finding out multiple times, Leyla has been battling her cocaine addiction in recent months on Emmerdale.

The businesswoman is certain that she can conceal her addiction from her family members without anyone being very concerned.

However, in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap opera, David worries about the mother of his stepson Jacob Gallagher, and it appears like she would do everything to keep him quiet.

When Jacob’s plans to enroll in a university in September begin to take shape and he has David’s support, the drama intensifies.

Leyla, his birth mother, hasn’t been present for him during the entire process, so it appears that she isn’t very happy for him.

The shopkeeper feels he needs to do more to pique the interest of his ex-lover in their son’s future because time is running out for Jacob to remain in the community.

She flashes the money at the young man in the hopes that he will be happy to be able to buy supplies for college since she believes she knows how to convince her son to agree.

David is even more enraged by this as he realizes his ex-girlfriend is attempting to avoid her motherly duties.

Leyla immediately starts to regret her cash giving to her kid when it is later discovered that she had cocaine in her system at the time.

Stress levels continue to rise for her back at the office as she struggles to understand flashing the cash for her son.

Her attempt to evade her obligations at Take A Vow in favor of a wild lifestyle backfires when a client sacks her as their wedding coordinator.

Leyla, who is agitated and in search of a distraction from everything, starts to mix some cocaine when David, a previous lover, interrupts her.

Leyla’s recent distance from him has completely taken him by surprise, and he cannot think it is due of her drug use.

Leyla tries to try and explain herself after being discovered, but David is not amused by her clumsy efforts.

David informs Leyla that he is going to inform her husband Liam since he can help her since this is not typical of Leyla.

The distressed character begs her ex-boyfriend to take her side since she doesn’t want her secret to be out.

David has already messaged Liam to arrange a meeting so they can speak privately, therefore it’s already too late.

She tries to persuade David that she has stopped using cocaine in an effort to conceal her addiction for a little bit longer.

Leyla appears to be finally revealing the truth and is ready to leave her wild lifestyle behind, but she needs David’s assurance that she won’t reveal her identity.

Leyla could put on the charm because she knows there has always been chemistry between them, regardless of who they have been with.

Given the previous issues David and Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) experienced, his old lover would know he would be vulnerable to her approaches.

David might end up falling for Leyla’s charms because he needs comfort, which he hasn’t had in a long, and they might wind up having an affair.

Leyla would have the womanizer in the palm of her hands if she could get David to swear he won’t tell Liam about her addiction.

The disturbed character might become pregnant, therefore they might not have been as cautious as they believed.

After his daughter Leanna Cavanagh died, Liam has been yearning to have a child with his wife (Mimi Slinger).

Since this is all her husband could possibly want and he wouldn’t have to know David was the father, Leyla would know she could fool him.

Given that he and Leyla had been spending a lot of time together lately, David would be certain that the child is his.

Will he reveal the truth and be actively involved in his child’s life, or will he remain silent and watch them have Liam as their father?

Roxy, the actress who portrays Leyla, has previously spoken out about the potential for a reunion between her and David.

When asked if there was still chance for her and David after marrying Liam, Roxy responded as follows to the Daily Star: “Never say never, I don’t think Leyla and [David]

“You simply never know, you know. They’re so close today that they almost resemble a brother and sister relationship. She is in the dark until it affects her.

She may find it a little strange, but they have a lot of platonic affection for one another in addition to their previous passionate love, which is clear.

Will she be able to suppress these platonic feelings in order to exploit their chemistry to her advantage and keep her secret hidden?

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