Emmerdale theory: Jamie Tate returns as Gabby loses custody of Thomas after accident

Jamie was assumed to be dead when Emmerdale faked his death last year, and nobody knew he had moved in with Andrea Tate’s mum.

When gaining custody of Millie Tate after his late wife passed away, the character vanished once more. Since then, he has only been mentioned in passing when Gabby Thomas believed he had returned to the ITV soap opera a few months ago.

But if their son Thomas Tate gets hurt in the episodes airing the following week, it’s possible that his father will come get him.

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), Thomas’ babysitter when Gabby wasn’t available, is where the trouble starts.

Her uncle Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) learns of her relationship after the events of last week, when she told Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) about a boy she was seeing.

Dan interviews his niece to make sure she has chosen a suitable partner, and she is appalled by his interrogation.

Nobody is aware that Amelia was alluding to Noah Dingle (Jack Downham), who is now in jail on stalking-related charges.

The young woman is in a good mood after yet another visit to meet the young Dingle man, but this quickly changes when her eyesight blurs.

Amelia had recently begun consuming weight-gaining syrup in the hopes of improving her physique because she was unhappy with it, as viewers of the show are aware.

Though she believes she is fine, things take a frightening turn once she volunteers to watch Gabby’s children while she is away.

The young girl quickly starts to feel queasy and dizzy as a result of all the nutrients she has been consuming.

Amelia makes a serious error when carrying Thomas since she drops him from a considerable height and has to pick him up off the floor.

Amelia is quite worried that she will be accused of injuring the baby when Harriet Finch shows up at Home Farm as he cries out.

Amelia tries to explain the situation to the former vicar by saying that the baby fell from his high chair. Harriet advises them to go to the hospital even though there don’t appear to be any significant injuries.

Amelia becomes nauseous as they wait for the scan findings, and Gabby’s arrival makes her feel even worse because she is anxious about her son.

It won’t be long until Lucas Taylor (Noah Ryan Aspinall) reveals how Amelia dropped the child that the truth about what happened is revealed.

The young schoolgirl is called out by Kim Tate (Claire King), who is enraged for lying to them about what happened to young Thomas.

She is bombarded with inquiries about what led to her blackout, and it isn’t until she is alone with Dan that she finally tells him the truth.

As her uncle struggles to hold back tears after learning how his niece has been subjected to social pressures, Amelia agrees to get checked out.

Gabby must also cope with some issues, since she is concerned that social services will contact her regarding her son’s injury.

The mother of one is outraged with her friend for harming her son, but it appears the custody arrangement may be decided for her.

They could inform Gabby that Thomas will be looked after when social services visit the hospital to evaluate the issue.

It wouldn’t occur to Gabby, who is devastated that her son is being taken from her, that the person might be Kim’s ostensibly dead child.

When the social services inform Gabby and Kim that Jamie is prepared to take custody of his son for the foreseeable future, Gabby and Kim may feel completely shaken.

Despite the fact that many people believed Thomas was dead, Jamie was able to enter the hospital as if nothing had happened because Thomas was still there.

The mother of his kid would battle valiantly to ensure that she could retain Thomas, but his influence might prove to be too great to withstand.

Jamie could stay in the village and make it painful for Gabby to see Thomas every day if she wanted to make Gabby’s life miserable.

Will the mother of one exact her own retribution on the man who abandoned her while she was carrying the child?

Rosie, the actress who plays Gabby, has talked about what a potential reunion between her character and Jamie would entail.

When asked if a comeback was a possibility, Rosie told RadioTimes.com: “Ideally, yes. I wish Alex would come back. He is still alive, as far as we know.

“We’ll see what transpires because he has already stirred up controversy by simply using his name.

“Gabby has felt very safe and anchored at Home Farm. Being a single mother on her own is difficult, “Could Jamie’s presence on the scene be more of a help than a burden, she asked?

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