Emmerdale theory: Harriet Finch’s long-lost child to arrive in the village

In Monday’s episode of Emmerdale, Harriet was the main character, and the consequences of her reporting Dawn to social services were still being felt.

The mother-of-one was sad that Clemmie, the daughter of her best friend, had been taken away from her at the conclusion of last week’s episodes and she had been trying furiously to get her back.

She slammed the former vicar after realizing that it was now almost impossible for this to happen, but Harriet may be dealing with more serious issues in the upcoming months on the ITV serial.

Since Dawn was a very young child, the policewoman has raised her as a surrogate mother. Michelle was Will Taylor’s (Dean Andrews) girlfriend during an undercover investigation.

Dawn blamed Michelle, a lady she knew, for sending Will to prison; it wasn’t until Michelle showed up in the village that Dawn realized Michelle had a false identity.

The young woman and her surrogate mother experienced some conflict as a result, but over the course of a few years, they were able to mend their connection.

With everything going on, it would have seemed that the former vicar would not have had time to have a secret kid.

It’s possible, though, that Harriet gave birth to a child before she ever met Will and Dawn, and that they were already en route to the village.

You can’t just take a child out of their house and not inform anyone, the policewoman reminded her surrogate daughter during an altercation between Harriet and Dawn.

Dawn responded, “She had no home without Beth,” and the ex-vicar continued, “And your instinct to remove her was right but child protection services exist for a reason, Dawn.”

“How frequently will we call them? However, you couldn’t help but inform them that a child in our care had gone missing “The single mother made a comment.

Harriet remarked, “You’re simply twisting everything.

Dawn responded, biting her lip: “Am I? You must have considered how this will make us appear, “Harriet, however, did not share her surrogate daughter’s perspective.

“Claim Billy [Fletcher] hadn’t found Clemmie when he did, say she’d still been missing,” the policewoman instructed Dawn.

The concerned character said, “But she wasn’t, she was just upset.”

“Think about it nonetheless. What would the police have thought of that? Officially, she wasn’t meant to be here “said the former vicar.

Dawn stated “She is once again harping on the regulations. When you were burying Malone, you weren’t thinking about the laws, were you?”

Harriet made an attempt to justify why she was guarding Dawn, but her surrogate daughter countered that it was more like she was hiding her murderer identity.

“You keep saying how much you love and care for me, but it’s all nonsense. You’ve never been a mother, therefore you don’t comprehend any of this “As the information regarding a hidden child was dropped, Dawn commented.

The way Harriet appeared distressed when Dawn said those words—almost as if she couldn’t tell her the truth—further supported this hypothesis.

Harriet added, “Dawn, I love you like you’re my daughter, you know I do,” while trying to remain composed.

“So please spare me, as I will never be able to forget what you did to Clemmie and me. We’re done, you and me “Before stomping out of the house, Dawn added.

While she finally broke down, the former vicar was overcome with emotion, but as she tries to mend her relationship with Dawn, her child might show up unexpectedly.

As the unnamed character resolves to look for their birth mother, it might not happen in the coming days or weeks but rather several months from now.

Harriet might have become pregnant before to joining the police force just when her relationship was ending.

The well-liked character could have immediately placed her child up for adoption after giving birth if she had felt she couldn’t handle being a single mother.

She believed that if everything had gone according to plan, her child would have a better life with all of its needs met.

Because she had to give up her kid, Harriet might have felt compelled to work as a police officer.

Given that it had been roughly 30 years since her last kid was born, the former vicar would have never imagined that the child would have come looking for her.

The first time she sees her long-lost child could be awkward because the stranger would likely want to ask a lot of questions.

Will the policewoman be able to grant their wishes, and how will Dawn react when she learns Harriet is indeed the mother of a child?

If they stay, there’s a potential they’ll bring their family to the community, expanding Harriet’s family once more.

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