Emmerdale theory: Harriet Finch and Dan Spencer to adopt Amelia’s baby

Since Dawn Taylor and her husband, Billy Fletcher, moved out of Harriet’s house, she has felt like a lost character on Emmerdale.

She has recently been seen standing by Dan Spencer after he found out Amelia Spencer had been seeing a boy he didn’t know about and had been taking weight-gaining supplements in an episode of the ITV soap opera.

Despite the turmoil in their lives, the vicar extended a hand of friendship by helping them in their hour of need, but she should expect her life to change drastically over the coming months.

Dan informed Kim Tate (Claire King) and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) that ejecting the family from their home was against the law in Monday’s episode, which set off the drama.

Kim was unaware of this and quickly spoke to Gabby, who confirmed that Amelia wanted to make the family pay after she dropped her son and lied about it.

Kim agreed but said she would give them two months to leave because she needed to make sure everything was done legally, but she soon changed her mind.

This was due to the fact that she witnessed Amelia sneaking into Home Farm to take Gabby’s authorization to visit Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) in jail.

Dan was informed of the truth, and after Harriet told him to move in with her, Kim gave him till the end of the day to go.

Dan appreciated the kindness, but he was unaware that his niece was genuinely pregnant and had no idea how to notify him.

Throughout the show, she made repeated attempts to tell him, but she was unable to do so for herself, especially considering how frequently he mentioned how busy he was.

She started crying by the end of the most recent episode of the evening drama serial as she realized how bad of a situation she was in.

The little girl called an unknown number and, through her sobs, said: “Please let me schedule an appointment. I must get an abortion.”

She appears to be planning to try having an abortion without alerting her loved ones, but she could face additional difficulties.

It can become clear, after being evaluated for the abortion, that she is already halfway through the pregnancy and cannot any longer have the baby.

By this time, she would have no choice except to have the child, which she could then give up for adoption if she changed her mind.

Amelia was able to tell Dan and Harriet the truth because she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret any longer.

After hearing Amelia’s admission, the couple would be extremely stunned, but they would assure her that they would help her raise the child.

However, they might have a lengthy talk about what this might imply for them if she tells them she wants to give it up.

Given that neither character has been in a romantic relationship in a while, it appears that Harriet and Dan are about to start dating.

Despite the fact that they have just recently begun to date, the fact that they are living together has already expedited their plans.

So, it might not be entirely out of the question to consider adopting Amelia’s child.

Dan would want to take care of the baby because he is linked to it and wouldn’t want it to go to any other parents.

Both Amelia and Harriet could agree to the plan, but will having a baby bring the couple closer together or further apart?

Ben is horrified by what she said, and he yells at her, causing her to sob. He attempts to obtain additional drugs from Tez as he tries to come to terms with his own actions, but not before Sam notices and becomes concerned.

Ben takes more drugs before going to a party, but James sends him home. Realizing he’s running behind schedule for the family dinner, he leaves her an emotional voicemail informing her that he is on his way. But as he gets there, he passes out.

When they find the voicemail, they all realize something is seriously wrong because Lexi is devastated that Ben hasn’t shown up. When Ben is discovered to have no pulse, Callum, Jay, and Kathy rush to find him in an effort to allay their worst fears.

The child’s birth mother would need to decide if she could continue raising her child in the same home as her uncle.

She may be able to maintain her distance, but the fact that she sees them every day may make it more difficult.

Therefore, if Amelia chooses to place her child for adoption, a departure may be in the cards.

Liam, the actor who plays Dan, has previously hinted that the character will soon be in a relationship.

The soap actor revealed to Amelia about his character’s most recent plotline: “There may be a dalliance with a certain person in the area!”

He said, “We’re working on that right now,” and it appears that people on Twitter have differing opinions about the idea of Dan dating Harriet.

Ryan expressed his opinion about Harriet and Dan becoming together on social media.

Mike also said “Liam Fox is a good actor tonight. Since Amelia’s pregnancy has been confirmed, I predict Dan will appear in many upcoming scenes on Emmerdale.”

Elizabeth posted during “#emmerdale I hope that Kim Tate, Will Taylor, and now Harriet and Dan won’t get together.”

Harriet and Dan #emmerdale were described by Jess as “Oh my, I can’t think of a more uninteresting couple,” but would the addition of a child increase the drama at their door?

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