Emmerdale theory: Faith Dingle dies in Cain’s arms after collapsing in tragic scenes

Faith Dingle’s fight with terminal cancer in Emmerdale will eventually come to an end.

She and her son Cain Dingle have a strained relationship, and he has never been able to forgive her for making up her death in a car accident. Before she passes away in the upcoming moments, will he ever learn to let go of the past?

When Faith’s palliative care nurse advises her to concentrate on passing away without having any regrets, the drama begins.

Later, Faith is reassured by Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) that making a bucket list is a good idea, and the two are moved by what the Emmerdale matriarch has in store.

When Faith stumbles while out for a country stroll with Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), she is saddened to witness yet another distressing sign of her mother’s failing health.

Faith, though, perks up when she spots a farmer nearby and signals for him to come to their aid.

Later, when Faith tells Chas she wants to throw a party before it’s too late, Chas is taken aback.

They begin preparing a send-off party for the longtime Emmerdale cast member, but Cain is hesitant to go.

He hesitates to go out of concern for how distressing it would be, and he feels awkward about how to act around his ill mother as a result.

His wife Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) persuades him to attend the occasion so that he can support Faith, though.

As Faith addresses the people at the Woolpack, there is a tiny discomfort, but when she starts singing her favorite karaoke song, everyone becomes more at ease.

Faith unexpectedly passes out at the bar just as the party is getting started, alarming everyone there.

Will this be the day Cain comes to her aid and cradles her in his arms while they wait for an ambulance?

Before the paramedics arrive, may she sadly pass away in her son’s arms?

Before she breathes her last breath, will Cain tell her he loves her and forgives her?

In upcoming scenes, Cain actor Jeff talked to the media about losing his soap mother.

He said, “I’m personally grieved by the passing of the wonderful Sally Dexter, but I look forward to the future stories that will result from her passing.”

During a recent appearance on Lorraine, Jeff also informed the audience of ITV that Sally was a “fantastic human being” and that he was “sorry we’re losing her.”
A few actors occasionally appear on the set, and it’s impossible to look away from what they’re doing, he continued.

Jane Hudson, a producer who took part in the press conference, spoke candidly about Faith’s passing in the serial drama.

Everyone engaged in that story is giving some of the most amazing performances I’ve seen in a very long time, she added.

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