Emmerdale theory: Double exit as Vanessa Woodfield and Suzy Merton flee the village

On Emmerdale a few weeks ago, Vanessa was crushed when she ended her relationship with Suzy after learning of her connection to Holly Barton.

The pair reconciled and have been enjoying their lives together since they received Moira Barton’s consent to continue their relationship.

They may need to prepare their escape from the ITV soap because, regrettably, events are about to take a worrying turn.

Suzy will be stopped by the police in scenes appearing this week when Matty Barton reports her for keeping narcotics in her car.

Suzy is unaware of this because Matty hid the items in her car after discovering the cache Leyla Harding was guarding in the Take A Vow office.

Suzy, who has vowed to leave her drug-using days in the past, appears to be in serious difficulty and will have to defend herself.

If she is taken into custody, it might make for intriguing watching in the scenes that air the following week because she might be released on bail.

In the hopes that the local veterinarian won’t have done so, she will want to see Vanessa first.

When Vanessa and Suzy finally meet, the former will learn some fresh details about her girlfriend and her involvement with drugs.

Suzy may be aware that she is being set up, but since there is no proof, she will have to leave the country.

Vanessa could decide that she and her small kid will accompany her and begin a new life abroad since she doesn’t want to miss out on another opportunity at love.

Consequently, a double exit would be anticipated, with both characters dodging the police as they flee.

But what will the villagers think if they learn that Vanessa has sided with a purported drug dealer rather than people she has known for years?

Suzy not being present, a furious Matty might eventually admit that he was the one who put the drugs in Suzy’s car.

He might end up telling his mother Moira, who will advise him to keep quiet because Suzy is no longer a part of their lives.

He would not only be subject to jail time if he confessed to the police, but he would also grant Suzy permission to return.

The actor who plays Matty, Ash, explained why his character does this: “He’s driven by this enormous grief for Holly.

But because he’s a fair person, I believe that if he were aware of the circumstances, he would realize that this isn’t the right course of action, and he has begun to cope with his own guilt.

But I believe he is simply really upset that Matty is unable to see what is in front of him because he has created a story in his mind and is only choosing to see what he wants to see, Ash said.

“I know the public can see the real her, but he can’t at all, since I’ve already had people approach me in the street and beg me not to go after Suzy.

It’s annoying because you can see the path he is taking and why he ends up where he does by observing him hear the incorrect parts of conversations and exchanges.

In response to a question about whether Suzy’s imprisonment is the goal, Ash said, “He definitely wants her to go to prison to pay for what she’s done.

“Not just for his sister, but for everyone else who is allegedly in her thrall. Suzy is no good, in his opinion, and is using Leyla as well.

In order to deal with his pain and guilt, the actor said, “he wants her to go to prison for what she did, but also so that his pain and guilt is dealt with. He won’t feel bad for not being there for Holly because he’s sorted it now with his revenge.”

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