Emmerdale theory: DI Malone’s daughter already in the village as Dawn rumbles past affair

For months on Emmerdale, DI Malone terrorized Dawn Taylor and her father, Will Taylor. A fight between Dawn, Harriet Finch, and himself ended his never-ending reign of terror, and his body was buried without anybody ever being brought to justice for his crime.

However, in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, it appears Dawn may be able to take care of his small daughter, Clemmie, in order to relieve herself of the guilt she has been experiencing since taking his life.

The newcomer made her debut in the episode that aired on Thursday night as Beth’s daughter, Dawn’s old closest friend who passed away from an overdose.

Another of Dawn’s former sex worker pals, Jade (Abigail Uttley), was assigned with caring for the child, but she did a terrible job of it.

Dawn realized she had to take action after discovering the child dozing off in a dog bed while being completely unaware of her mother’s passing.

The adored villager drove Clemmie back to the Dales while Jade continued to use drugs and as an unidentified stranger appeared and demanded money.

Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), it’s safe to assume, wasn’t too pleased with his wife appearing to kidnap a child instead of alerting social services.

The mother of one, defending herself to her husband Billy, said: “I couldn’t leave her at Jade’s. She’s Beth’s daughter.”

And Jade begged you to take care of her? Dawn said, “I’m trying to explain,” to Billy’s question. While Jade was off her face in the room next door, she was dozing off in a dog’s bed in the kitchen.

“I advised her to contact social services, but she declined. It got really ugly when this guy showed up, so I handed him £40 so I could have her.

Billy, who was astonished, said, “So you purchased her? ” to which his wife replied, “No. Otherwise, they wouldn’t give her to me. She was furiously angry. Billy, she is completely unaware of her mother’s departure.

Clemmie’s nothing to do with you, you’ve almost kidnapped her, Billy disagreed with his buddy, saying.

“You must call it in. Inform social services of everything you just said, “He told his wife, who retaliated because she objected to Clemmie being placed in foster care.

Dawn stated: “The child didn’t seem to have a father role in her childhood “She feels overwhelmed by it. She has no family, no grandparents, and no one to help.”

This might be a suggestion that her father, DI Malone, who might have known Beth back when, is also dead.

The wicked figure was a man of the law, but he was anything but a law-abiding individual, and he could have taken advantage of Beth because of his position of authority.

Their conversation may have led to the birth of a little daughter, of whom DI Malone may not have been aware.

Dawn and Billy might take Clemmie for blood work to see if she is connected to anyone listed in the doctor’s database while they are looking for Clemmie’s father.

If they find out she is indeed DI Malone’s kid, they might both be completely shocked, and Dawn would then be even more adamant about staying.

In Thursday night’s episode, however, as their argument went on, Billy said to his wife, “Social services will know what to do.”

Billy, you don’t know what it feels like, so one night won’t make a difference, Dawn said him.

“I was that little girl who wondered about where her father was and about the identity of these strange grownups who showed up and began speaking over my head and pushing things into trash bags.”

Billy said to his wife, “She is frightened of me,” when Clemmie showed up after allegedly overhearing the conversation.

We don’t know what she’s been through, so how about that. Dawn answered, quoting her husband as saying: “Whatever you say, social services are the subject matter experts. This might be causing her additional harm.”

Dawn declared aloud, “If Beth had told me she was pregnant and not just vanished, I could have assisted her,” in an effort to make her position known.

With both of them having committed mistakes in the past, Billy said, “You can’t undo the past; it’s about now that matters.”

If DI Malone is associated with the newcomer in any way, they may need to face their history because they would owe it to her to protect her.

The couple had been talking about growing their family recently, and Billy was looking forward to the possibility of having a second kid in the future.

Some people might be surprised by Dawn’s lack of reluctance given how eager she has been to take on Clemmie.

Dawn would have a boy and a girl, making it extra clearer that she wouldn’t give birth to any more kids with the youngster in the picture.

Will Billy, however, report Dawn to social services and have Clemmie taken away from her because he is unwilling to allow his future be snatched from him?

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