Emmerdale theory: Dawn Taylor’s secret daughter arrives in the village in maternity twist

Young Lucas Taylor is already the proud parent of Dawn and her husband Billy Fletcher, and for the time being, they have decided against having any more children.

There may be a very compelling reason why the mother of one is less interested in the notion of having additional kids in the future on Emmerdale.

It might be because she already gave up a second child, who in the upcoming episodes of the ITV soap opera appears to be bringing to the town to live with her.

Dawn is saddened to learn that Beth, her old closest friend who she feared would always pass away from a drug overdose, has passed away at the start of the drama.

The villager, who has changed her life, isn’t sure if she’ll attend the funeral because it might trigger a lot of memories.

Billy, on the other hand, urges her to go and warns that failing to bid the deceased one last farewell would be regrettable.

Once at the burial, the mother of one runs across Jade, another familiar figure from her past who also uses drugs and might act as a trigger for her past.

Dawn agrees to visit her buddy to see if she has also changed her life, while knowing it is not a smart idea.

Jade is still doing drugs and is just as troubled as she was when they were younger, so it appears that her hope was misguided.

Dawn is especially shocked by the fact that there is a youngster in the house who appears to have been neglected.

Jade is now experiencing a high when she admits that the young girl is Clemmie, Beth’s daughter, and that the youngster is unaware that her mother has passed away.

The tension dramatically increases when a scary man shows up at the house as the single mother becomes more worried about Clemmie’s safety.

Dawn offers her buddy money and declares that she would take Clemmie back to live with her in order to quickly come up with a solution.

It doesn’t take long for things to get violent, but after giving some money, Dawn is able to leave the house with the young girl.

Billy is astonished to learn who the child is and how long she plans to stay with them when she returns to the hamlet with a toddler in tow.

In order to care for Clemmie, he begs his wife to call social services, but Dawn flat-out refuses for them to get involved.

Billy tells his wife that she can only stay for one night since he knows he won’t be able to win the argument.

Given that the young girl is truly Lucas’ twin, it appears that Dawn will be difficult to let go of her.

Going back in time, Dawn may tell her husband that she didn’t know she was having twins when she found out she was pregnant.

When she went into labor with Lucas, she assumed everything would be easy, but she soon learned she was having twins.

She could have surrendered Clemmie to Beth, who had already turned her life around, as she knew she couldn’t care for both her son and her daughter.

She believed that Beth would be a better choice to raise the child than having the child live with her.

Sadly, Beth’s life might have gone out of control and she might have resumed using drugs, which would have killed her.

Now that she has all of her children back, Dawn can tell Billy that she wants to keep Clemmie, and the two of them can start a real family.

Billy would still be uncertain since Clemmie would think Beth was her mother and be perplexed as to why she is no longer present.

Will Dawn be honest with her daughter or will she convince the child that her life with Beth wasn’t entirely a lie?

Olivia, the actress who portrays Dawn, has previously discussed how trouble seems to follow Dawn wherever she goes.

The soap star declared that Dawn is a fighter after Dawn and Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) scuffle earlier this year.

She’s been through so much in her life, and now, for the first time, she has Billy and is part of a family that she is incredibly happy about.

In a conversation with ITV’s Lorraine, the soap actor said, “I think that she’ll really, truly battle for her life.”

Will Dawn struggle to keep her daughter in her life after spending so many years away if she is such a fighter?

Will anyone else discover the similarity between Clemmie and Dawn, revealing the village’s adoption secret?

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