Emmerdale theory: Dawn Taylor to claim her second victim as she takes revenge on Harriet

After learning that her best friend had passed away from an overdose, Dawn has had a horrible week on Emmerdale.

When she got to her other friend’s house for the wake, she discovered the dead had a daughter who was seven years old and was living in the most appalling circumstances.

The single mother made the decision to return Clemmie to the village, but this is when her recent issues on the ITV soap began.

Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), her husband, urged Dawn to get in touch with social services to place Clemmie in care at the beginning of Friday’s episode.

The villager was reluctant to take care of her friend’s child since she felt responsible for doing so, but police officer Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) quickly learned what was going on.

Clemmie vanished after learning her mother had passed away while the two argued, with the law enforcement official warning her surrogate daughter that this would be classed as kidnapping.

Billy was able to locate the child as Dawn was scrambling to find her, and the two grew close by the loss of a parent.

Billy was on board with taking over the care of the young schoolgirl after realizing how much Clemmie required their assistance.

Their attempts, however, were in vain since social services arrived and informed them that Clemmie would be placed with a foster home.

Dawn was devastated by this since she felt she would be able to provide the daughter the life she had always desired and that she would take on the role of her mother.

A bashful Harriet showed up as Dawn protested the removal of the child from her in the middle of the street.

Dawn questioned the former vicar and asked her if she could do anything to halt what was happening. She replied, “Children’s services are complicated.”

The policeman said, “I’m truly sorry, it’s over my head now,” as the mother of one said a tearful goodbye to the young child.

Harriet apologized once more and acknowledged that she was the one who had contacted social services as the automobile left the village.

When Dawn asked her mother-figure what she meant when she claimed that it had “gone over your head,” she was furious.

‘Tell me this wasn’t you, please. Please confirm that you did not sneak away when you spotted the young girl in fear. She went on.

The former vicar answered, “It wasn’t like that,” and Dawn asked, “Tell me you didn’t make that call?”

“You have sent her from one hell to another and now she fears no one is coming back for her,” Dawn informed the policewoman as the eerie quiet continued.

Harriet said, “I know that seems harsh but you were not informed of the potential consequences,” to which her surrogate daughter said, “You should have trusted her.”

Harriet went on to say “You, Billy, and Lucas are all so important to me. Simply put, I didn’t want you to have any problems. Dawn, you don’t own her.”

“Whatever your opinion may be, you have stabbed me in the back. You are unaware of your actions, “Dawn responded in rage.

When the end credits played, Harriet was visibly upset about what she had done, but she might not have realized that it had cost her her life.

Dawn killed DI Malone (Mark Womack) about two years ago when he attempted to harm her family and harm Harriet.

In order to spare Dawn from the penalties, the police officer, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), and even Kim Tate (Claire King) destroyed the body.

Since then, with Dawn getting married, it seems as though the murder has been forgotten and is taboo to discuss.

But when she formulates a plan of retaliation against Harriet for betraying her in the worst way, her killer impulses might now resurface.

She might do precisely what she says and stab the former vicar in the back during a heated argument if her rage takes over.

Billy would help his wife cover up yet another murder once she claimed her second victim since he wouldn’t want her to go to jail.

But after everything is said and done, could Harriet’s almost ten years on the show truly be her last?

The actress who plays Harriet, Katherine, discussed the prospect of leaving the part and said: “You constantly fear that your days are numbered.

“You cannot get away with murder; there must be repercussions, whether they manifest one year or two years later.

“However, I’ll remain for however long they request. Thank God for the job, I adore the show “She spoke to The Sun.

Is Harriet going to make it until tomorrow or will she die six feet under?

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