Emmerdale theory: Charles Anderson becomes new village serial killer in horror Ethan plot

With his son Ethan Anderson living nearby and reunited with his former sweetheart, Manpreet Sharma, Charles has made a life for himself in Emmerdale.

Most recently, he had the opportunity to meet Naomi Walters, his adult daughter, whom he had just recently learned about thanks to an ITV soap opera.

She doesn’t appear to be interested in growing a relationship with her father, though, and this could cause the vicar’s resentment to fester beneath the surface.

The drama will continue in the episodes that air the following week because Naomi hasn’t spoken to Charles since she said goodbye to him about two weeks ago.

The vicar struggles to feel excluded from his long-lost daughter’s life because this isn’t how he had hoped to start their connection.

The churchgoer anticipates being able to discuss his sadness with Ethan because he thinks his son is experiencing it too.

He does not anticipate his son turning around and telling him that ever since his sister left the village, he has been messaging her.

Charles, unfortunately, is crushed by this statement because he now realizes he is the source of his daughter’s problems.

When the vicar’s jealously over his son messaging Naomi causes him to become angry, viewers may begin to see him in a new light.

Charles may feel the need to exact revenge on them and teach them a lesson even though he loves them dearly.

Given his involvement in Meena Jutal’s (Paige Sandhu) storyline, the churchgoer has never displayed any signs of intending to kill anyone.

However, it’s possible that he chose to become a vicar in order to try and control his rage because he understands that if he were provoked severely enough, he might commit murder.

He may pick Ethan as his first victim since he believes this would have the biggest impact given the repressed emotions that are now coming to the surface.

Charles would murder his son in such a way that the community would be left in the dark regarding the lawyer’s murder and the evidence wouldn’t point to Charles.

Unfortunately, this would imply that Ethan would depart the show after 18 episodes, leaving Marcus Dean in a broken-hearted state.

He could imagine that Naomi would eventually turn to the vicar after her loss, serving as a source of comfort for the village heartthrob.

This might not be the case because Naomi might avoid her murderer father after learning of her brother’s death.

Charles could choose his next victim now that his schemes have failed since he wants to teach his daughter a lesson after his previous ones failed.

Charles could try to give her one final opportunity to get to know him when they meet, but she would reject him.

The vicar may follow her home and use the chance to murder his daughter away from the view of any witnesses in order to conceal his identity.

A few villagers may start to wonder who the murderer is if word spreads that the vicar’s daughter has also been murdered.

Marcus, who realizes the murderer is probably someone the sister and brother knew, might be the one to fit the puzzle pieces together.

Marcus might suspect Charles of knowing more than he’s letting on after noticing a shift in him, but doing so could put Marcus in danger.

Murdering Marcus could prove Charles was a serial killer because he had murdered several individuals, but will anyone else die?

As long as Manpreet continues to sleep with a killer, Charles, who she is unaware is the guy the police are hunting for, she may be in danger.

Manpreet learns that both her lover and her sister Meena are serial killers, raising the possibility that history might be repeating itself.

Kevin, the actor who plays Charles, has previously discussed how his character felt when he finally met his long-lost daughter.

Charles is a sympathetic person, therefore he doesn’t want to rush or exert himself, Kevin said in a statement to the media.

He’ll move forward at the rate Naomi decides for their relationship. He will respect her desires if she chooses not to see him, the man continued.

“I believe Charles is still bitter over not knowing about Naomi. Regardless of whether he and Esme were dating, he would have been there if he had known.

“When he discovered he was father to a daughter, he immediately felt guilty, but he also felt he had 22 years of this girl living without knowing he would have been there for her if he had known.

There is certainly guilt present, but how can you love someone you were unaware even existed? The actor kept going.

Could he, however, come to the realization that he is reluctant to hold back his deadly tendencies until she accepts him for who he is?

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