Emmerdale theory: Charity Dingle to discover mother is alive as Faith discloses secret

In scenes in Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale that saw Cain Dingle gradually improving his connection with his mother, Faith Dingle, Charity was working behind the bar of the Woolpack.

Chas Dingle had her doubts about the duo since she knew that her dying mother would appreciate any effort her brother made, no matter how small.

However, in upcoming scenes from the ITV soap opera, Faith might want to spend time with Charity since she feels that it’s important for her to find out the truth about her mother Kathleen’s passing.

After some heavy persuasion by herself, Chas, and Eric Pollard, the mother of four was astonished to find Cain chatting to his mother (Chris Chittell).

She noticed Faith’s need to be liked by the neighborhood bad boy as she listened to the mother and son’s chat.

Charity was upset that Cain wasn’t making the most of his time with his mother because she had never had the opportunity to do so.

Charity gave Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb), his wife, an update on Cain’s progress and described it as “wrenching” when Moira Barton entered the bar.

Charity told the farmer, “I mean, he’s trying, bless him, but he needs to try harder,” in response to his question of how bad it was.

The mother of four said, “She talks, he nods, we go around in a small loop,” to which Moira responded, “Well, at least he’s making anything like an effort.”

Charity rebutted her, saying: “I know, but he can’t let whatever occurred in the past mess up the future he has with her, can he? He can’t let the past ruin the future he has with her.

She warned him, “He needs to be careful, time is running out,” and later in the episode, it turned out Faith had received some information from the physicians.

Chas and Charity were attempting to be upbeat when she got a call from the hospital telling her to come in to talk about her test results.

The matriarch of the family will be informed that the cancer therapy is ineffective, according to this week’s spoilers.

The end will be near for Faith in the next weeks as she will also inform her family that she doesn’t want any more treatment.

She might have a private conversation with Charity as she works to put the past with Cain behind her and enjoy her time with her family.

She could tell the Woolpack owner about her own mother knowing the effect losing their mother will have on her kids.

It was revealed that Charity’s mother passed away when she was a young girl when she finally saw her father, Obadiah Dingle (Paul Copley), after years of separation.

This news devastated the beloved character, and she hasn’t spoken to her father since, but Faith could know the truth.

Even if the couple had a kid together, it’s possible that Obadiah was abusive to his wife and she couldn’t stand to be around him any longer.

Knowing Faith and Shadrach Dingle (Andy Devine) were in comparable situations, the two may have come up with a plan to leave their husbands together.

But unlike Faith, who visited her children again years later, Kathleen could have chosen to maintain her distance.

She had the option to relocate abroad, begin a new life with a different guy, and create a new family.

The matriarch of the family may decide that Charity has to spend time with her mother before she actually passes away, despite her commitment to Faith not to notify Charity.

When Charity learns that her mother is still alive, she might be horrified and start looking for Kathleen while Cain and Chas enjoy time with Faith.

Will she find her mother in time to reconnect Kathleen with Faith before she passes away?

In truth, Faith’s actress Sally has hinted that Charity’s mother might still be alive somewhere in the world in the past.

That would be a fantastic story to tell, the soap star told the Daily Star. That has the potential to bring in some fascinating themes, don’t you think?

“There are some amazing actresses who could pull it off. I’m afraid to disclose names for fear that someone would call and ask, “Why didn’t you mention me?””

The next Myley post furthers the belief among fans that Kathleen is still alive: “All this talk about charity’s mum hint hint #Emmerdale.”

Tam also tweeted: “Who would make a good Charity’s mother if she were still alive? Emmerdale, a.k.a. @emmerdale.”

“Countdown until Charity’s mum is revealed to not actually be dead starting…now! #emmerdale,” Courtney said on social media.

Also shared by MissM: “I’m wondering if Charity’s mother truly passed away after hearing all this talk about mothers passing away. #Emmerdale.”

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