Emmerdale theory: Cain Dingle’s link to Chloe Harris’ father rumbled as dark past exposed

In the most recent episode of Emmerdale, Cain shared the spotlight with his mother, Faith Dingle, sister, Chas Dingle, and other family members.

The siblings eventually got around to talking about how their ties with their mother changed after she walked out on them and left them to be raised by Shadrach Dingle as Faith’s choice to cease her cancer treatment weighed heavily on their thoughts.

However, it appears that choice affected Cain more than anybody could have imagined. It’s possible that Chloe Harris’ father had something to do with this, and his appearance on the ITV serial might have significant effects.

As their mother’s time was running out, Chas tried to convince Cain that it would be best to put their differences behind them.

His sister’s rage increased as he struggled to let go of the past, and as a result, she threw a glass at his head.

However, as they sat down, they realized that their history still haunted them today, particularly Cain, who’d experienced a lot of trauma as a child that had an effect on his adult life.

“Do you realize how anxiously she wants your attention? Your consent? It is really important to her “Chas gave her brother an explanation.

It was obvious the bad boy was straining to hold back the tears as his past came to the forefront of his thoughts in a very uncharacteristic reaction.

But Chas, she left us. The well-known figure added, “She left us kids alone with him when we were kids, and my sister told me she had never forgiven herself.

“Good, and I haven’t either. To return there, I don’t need to close my eyes. She has managed to do things repeatedly that I could never imagine doing, Cain continued.

It’s incorporated into every happy moment I’ve even even approached experiencing. You know what, though? She has done a lot, but I still [love her].

“After she went and left us with him, I began to delude myself into thinking she had genuinely passed away, even though I knew she hadn’t.

As he reminisced on his background, he continued, “I knew that and then one day, these two lads caught us in the box at school and you could see I’d been crying.”

“I informed them that my mum had recently been killed in a car crash and they just laughed,” Cain continued.

But at that same moment, I stopped using it as a self-medication strategy and started truly believing it to be true.

He replied, breaking into tears, which is highly unusual for Cain, “And I know that’s why mom never came back for us.”

“I cannot let that break me again,” he said after regaining his composure. “It broke me then.”

By the episode’s conclusion, Cain had made the decision to let the past go and make peace with his mother, but the pain he had experienced will never truly leave him.

But if Damon Harris shows up in the community after serving years in prison for his misdeeds, that scenario can become ten times worse.

Cain might be terrified to encounter the villager who harassed him in school as he tries to help his mother and spend time with her in the latter months of his life.

He would also be devastated to discover that he is the father of young Chloe, Sarah Sugden’s best friend (Katie Hill).

Damon would have no idea how much Cain’s bullying at school had affected him as a person until the two men were face to face.

Although Cain doesn’t frequently avoid conflict, he might not be able to muster the strength to confront Damon.

After being impenetrable for so long, will Cain have finally met his equal, and how will Damon’s entrance affect the remaining time he has with Faith?

Jessica, the actress who plays Chloe, has already spoken out about her character’s father eventually showing up in the community.

Jessica elucidated: “Stay tuned because there is a lot of interesting stuff coming up. There is a lot of fascinating material.

“I can’t wait to start working on it. I’m quite interested in seeing how the viewers react after seeing it.

According to her interview with The Sun, “I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to get to know Chloe better, grow Chloe more, and see how she’s integrating into the community, let’s say.”

The actress further stated to Metro.co.uk: “I find it so incredible that a character who appeared off-screen had such an impact on a character appearing on-screen.

It’s incredibly exciting since so many things may occur if we saw him, she continued.

So, will Damon have a connection to Cain or will he be an outsider with no tie to the community at all?

When Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), the bad boy’s long-lost son who he never knew about, showed up, Cain was last connected to a newcomer.

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