Emmerdale theory: Ashley Thomas’ long-lost son identified in Laurel romance twist

Ashley, the protagonist of a devastating dementia storyline on Emmerdale, passed away five years ago.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera were heartbroken to witness the popular character deteriorate into a shell of his former self after being so obstinate.

It’s possible that the vicar forgot about his oldest son, who might already be a resident of the hamlet, along with practically everything else in his life, including his wife Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and his children.

The person who is beginning to have feelings for Ashley’s long-lost son could very well be Laurel, who has been prepared to start dating once more following the breakup of her relationship with Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson).

As the Woolpack cook recovers from a stroke, Marlon Dingle’s physiotherapist Kit has been traveling to the village over the past few weeks.

His identity has been hinted at in previous scenes because it’s believed he has a deeper connection to the community than just being a doctor.

He seemed to connect with Laurel in scenes from a few weeks ago when she was assisting to keep Marlon company for the day.

As a result, it appears Kit will remain for a while, and it’s possible he has a motive for wanting to get to know Laurel a little better.

Laurel is left beaming from ear to ear in scenes airing later this week when Marlon’s partner Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) informs her Kit is coming over for another physio session.

Laurel makes the effort to see him since she needs to attract his attention once more but she might not be aware that she is truly his stepmother.

This is due to the possibility that Ashley may have dated a classmate before making his own debut in the area.

Even though they were still young, it might have led to them learning they were expecting a child, which might have caused them to make a significant decision.

The couple could have decided to place the child for adoption if they were unable to carry out a planned abortion so that it could live a better life.

The couple never imagined they would become parents so soon, yet giving their kid away could have led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Because he wanted to make sure God would place his son on the correct route in life and would make sure he was well, this is why Ashley could have joined the church.

The show’s viewers are aware that after moving to the village, Ashley ended up having three children with two different women.

He also gave Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) a kid in the form of Gabby Thomas in addition to giving Laurel a son and a daughter (Rosie Bentham).

Unfortunately, Ashley would have completely forgotten he truly had four children had his dementia not already set in before his departure from the town.

When they get to know each other a bit better, Kit will just inform Laurel that he was adopted at birth, so she might not immediately realize her connection to him.

However, Kit would be fully aware of Laurel’s identity and would wish to learn more about his father before disclosing his identity.

The cherished villager can feel frustrated if the newcomer prevents him and Laurel from having sex, questioning why he doesn’t want to have sex with her.

He may now go on to explain who he is and that he is Ashley’s long-lost son, which Laurel would find difficult to comprehend.

She wouldn’t trust anything Kit said her because her husband didn’t tell her this before he passed away; instead, she would think he was pulling a cruel joke on her.

But after that, the newcomer would offer her a photo of his biological parents, which had been provided to his adopted parents.

As soon as Laurel saw Ashley in the picture, she would immediately believe what Kit is telling her.

What will this impact for her relationship with the physiotherapist now that she is aware that she will become his stepmother? Can they stay together?

Jai’s actor Chris recently discussed how Laurel and his character won’t get back together, possibly giving away the fact that she will still start dating Kit.

After some narcotics that weren’t his were discovered in Jai’s possession a few months back, Chris elucidated: “I think Jai feels disappointed in Laurel since she has her own troubles with being an alcoholic in recovery.

The soap actor continued, “I don’t know if it’s because Laurel wasn’t 100% in favor of getting back together in the first place.

Chris clarified: “The fact that she is not more understanding, though, seems pretty cruel. I believe he perceives a different aspect of her.

“Laurel’s halo has occasionally started to slip a little. She hasn’t been as sympathetic or forgiving as usual. There have been a few instances where Laurel has been utterly rude to Jai.

“Given that Jai pleaded his innocence and was vehemently emphatic but she wouldn’t trust him, I can’t see them getting back together. I can’t imagine how they could return from there.”

Will Laurel find a life partner in her stepson?

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