Emmerdale theory: Amy Wyatt set for romance with Al Chapman as second affair begins

In recent years on Emmerdale, Amy seemed content in her relationship with Matty Barton.

But Matty’s girlfriend has found it difficult to know what to say as he struggles with his hormones in some of the most recent ITV soap opera scenes.

Despite the fact that things appear to be back on track, a major change could cause the mother of one to turn to Al for support, and it might go beyond simple cordial assistance.

Despite being in a relationship with Kerry Wyatt, Al is now having an affair with Chas Dingle.

Until Chas revealed her mother, Faith Dingle, was passing away, the two characters had chemistry but had never expressed it.

Chas appeared to have abandoned her relationship with the businessman after nearly being discovered in previous scenes, but this break is unlikely to continue long.

Al has now reconciled with Kerry following their brief breakup (which lasted less than 24 hours), but it’s possible that his daughter will get his attention next.

The antagonist of the evening serial drama might offer to lend a sympathetic ear after noticing Amy is having love problems.

Amy could see the charm offensive her mother and Chas both fell for as she began to see through Al’s nasty demeanor.

Amy could lean in for a kiss since she was caught up in the moment and her emotions were running high. Soon enough, they would be moving upstairs.

Amy might have suggested that they continue their relationship in secret even though she might have felt she would regret sleeping with Al.

Al would be more than delighted to consent to this because he believes he can charm any woman in the hamlet.

Because they kept their relationship a secret, Chas might eventually knock on Al’s door and ask him to resume their relationship.

Al would suddenly have three women on his arm instead of just one, as if all of his aspirations had materialized at once.

If they all learned about one another, they could work together to defeat Al, which would make for exciting viewing.

However, Al may genuinely want things to work out with Amy because he believes they get along the best out of all three ladies he has been smitten with.

He might try to persuade the mother of one that he actually cares about her after realizing his secrets are out in the open.

Amy would have a lot to lose at this point, including her connection with her mother and the possibility of breaking up with Matty when the affair was revealed.

Will Amy really risk all she holds dear in order to make her relationship with Al work?

Amy might believe that Al is giving her everything she needs and more after feeling so distant from Matty lately, which would encourage her to embrace the relationship.

In a shocking turn of events, though, is it possible that Amy would become even closer to Al in order to exact revenge on him for using her as a pawn while also continuing to date her mother and having an affair with Chas?

The relationship between Matty and Amy might eventually come to an end, according to the Matty actor Ash.

“Well, Matty’s had a bit of a rough period with himself in the sense that waiting for his surgery, balancing his hormones, and trying to navigate this relationship,” Ash said. “He’s never spoken to anyone about it and he’s always dealt with it on his own.”

The serial actor continued, “He went off to transition on his own, he really doesn’t do well with conveying his feelings.

He’s a really closed-off person in terms of what he’s truly thinking, thus I believe he would prefer to handle things on his own rather than discuss it with Amy.

“She recognizes a problem as she always does and attempts to help, but he is like a lone wolf and wants to handle things on his own.

“I believe this is the case because, if he opens up about it, he will have to admit that he feels awful for not being there for Holly. So, yeah, he makes an effort to handle things alone.

She is such a great support for him, and they make such a sweet couple, so I’d like to think they have a bright future together.

Ash said ambiguously, “I do think they are soulmates, and they have each other’s best interests at heart, but you never know,” so might a breakup be imminent?

Nevertheless, Natalie, the actress who plays Amy, and Ash are close friends off-screen, according to the soap opera star, who said: “It’s a dream come true to work with one of your best friends, and I adore working with her.

“I adore working with her because it’s so cozy, enjoyable, and we actually live close to one another. If we have a hot scene coming up, we can go sit in the garden with a cup of tea, discuss it, and chat.

It’s great that I get along with her boyfriend and that she does with my girlfriend.

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