Emmerdale theory: Amelia Spencer dies after traumatic birth in storm wreckage

The ITV soap’s 50th anniversary episodes, which are scheduled to run in October, may have a very “major part” for Amelia Spencer (played by Daisy Campbell).

The Yorkshire Dales are about to experience a fierce storm that could endanger Amelia and her pregnant child. Will the protagonist have to give birth in the storm’s debris?

At a press conference for Emmerdale, producer Jane Hudson remarked, “We certainly are not going to announce whether or not she has the baby during the 50th anniversary month.” Amelia is due soon.

But Jane clarified: “But Amelia does play a very major part in the storm when she needs to be located because she is caught on her own,” she said.

She does have a significant role, but you’ll just have to wait.

Could the teenager who was significantly pregnant go into labor during the catastrophe?

She might end up being buried behind storm-related debris and compelled to give birth as she waits to be freed.

“It’s a hurricane, so it would be absurd if nobody was hurt,” Jane continued. It’s a storm in our village, not a storm in a teacup.

Will the violent storm significantly harm Amelia, or will the emergency services not be able to save her before she gives birth?

After Amelia’s terrible death, the father of the kid may ultimately be identified, and he may then have to raise the child by himself.

It is planned that three or four episodes of Emmerdale will feature the 50th anniversary storm, which is “very much a windstorm rather than a downpour.”

Regarding the plots involved in the soap opera’s milestone anniversary, Jane continued, “Nothing has just been shoehorned in; all the tales have been driven by the characters and they all have an impact.

Because it affects so many of our families, the entire town is impacted rather than just a few individuals.

The following is a hint for you all: “There is one thing which nobody has done and no other soap could accomplish it aside from Emmerdale [because to] where we are.”

A live episode being filmed in the month leading up to the anniversary was ruled out by Jane.

“Viewers prefer us having a live episode because they are looking for something to go wrong,” she adumbrated.

We know that one of the things audiences enjoy is the stunts we pull out of the bag, and you can’t do that in a live episode, so the problem with live episodes is that you are extremely constrained in the stories we can tell.

Emmerdale last had a catastrophic storm on New Year’s Eve in 2003.

Tricia Dingle (Sheree Murphy) perished in the catastrophe, which also left the community with significant damage, after a lightning strike killed an oak tree that was about to fall on her.

She was crushed by a sizable portion of the Woolpack’s wall as another bolt struck the chimney.

Heartbreaking scenes show Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) feverishly attempting to clear the debris from her as she later passed away in the hospital.

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