Emmerdale theory: Alicia Gallagher returns to the village after tragedy strikes

Alicia left Emmerdale in 2015 to start a new life in Portugal, and it has been nearly seven years since she was last seen in the community.

Since her nephew Jacob Gallagher moved in with her after his lover Leanna Cavanagh was killed, the old ITV soap opera character has been mentioned a few times.

This could be how she returns to the Dales as part of her sister, Leyla Harding’s ongoing drug plot, despite the fact that it was revealed in Tuesday’s episode of the village-based drama that she had been in a terrible accident.

Her ex-husband David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) informed her sister Leyla that Alicia had been hurt.

When the shopkeeper arrived at the Cavanagh residence, he informed Leyla that “So there is a flight this afternoon at five o’clock,” but she had no idea what he was referring about.

David explained himself to Leyla by saying: “Do you not answer your phone when I call? I’ve been trying to reach you all morning. I received a call from Alicia at A&E.

“She has a shattered leg, broken collarbone, and a lot of thorns in her behind. She accomplished this by taking a selfie while perched on a precipice.

“To get a better shot, she moved back a step. She was fortunate to have a thorny bush six feet below “He explained further

“I’m too busy to go. I need to plan Kim’s wedding “Leyla informed her ex-boyfriend, but he said he had to go.

He foolishly believed that if he departed, Leyla could continue her recovery. He was unaware that Leyla has not been attending any meetings concerning her drug addiction.

David advised his business associate Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins), who was delighted with the businesswoman’s response to his concept, to keep an eye on Leyla.

He was honest with her about the drugs, thus another member of the community is now aware of Leyla’s covert troubles.

He could, however, explain to his ex-wife why she must visit the hamlet to assist her sister while tending to Alicia on board.

Alicia would be able to aid Leyla by being there for her, even if she wouldn’t be able to walk about much due to her injuries.

Alicia may spend some time catching up with her sister and listening to her about what’s hurting her as she recovers in the hamlet.

Alicia would probably understand her sister’s feelings because she has experienced her own hardships in the past.

Every day that Alicia makes progress in her rehabilitation means that soon she will be walking around the village in her high heels.

Alicia may opt to stay after realizing how big of an impact her proximity to Leyla has had on her, but will the other villagers get along with her?

After a tragedy occurred on her doorstep, it would never have been anticipated that Alicia would return to the program.

Natalie, the actress who played Alicia, currently portrays a character in the competing serial opera Hollyoaks, but she hasn’t ruled out going back to her roots.

Well, to be really honest, I’m really enjoying what I’m doing on Hollyoaks right now, said Natalie.

“Never say never, of course; I adore Emmerdale to the fullest extent! But at the moment, I’m simply really enjoying Hollyoaks,” she continued in a Daily Star interview.

Given that the show’s producers have hinted at the return of some prior characters, may she make an appearance as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations?

Jane Hudson, the program’s executive producer, said to the media: “To commemorate our 50th anniversary, we’ll have a golden month of celebration.

“Amazing feats, further heartbreaks, secrets, and lies are all revealed. It will be an unending gift and a celebration that nobody wants to end.

“Building our narratives for the 50th golden month of celebrations will be a major focus of our 2022. This needs to be our most successful year yet. We already have some fantastic plans, including perhaps a summer wedding!

“There are many challenges ahead that will put couples’ resolve and their capacity as parents to the test.

“We’re not sure yet, but we might see some familiar faces return. The emphasis is really on celebrating Emmerdale’s 50th birthday, but I believe there is a lot coming up.

More information about the jubilee was also hinted at by Jane, who said: “Being the executive producer at such a thrilling moment is an honor. Emmerdale celebrating 50 years is a big achievement.

Emmerdale’s amazing storylines and enduring personalities have delighted viewers for five decades.

To ensure that our 50th birthday month is a pleasure for all of our devoted viewers and keeps them glued to the screen as the storylines develop.

We want to make sure we promote our great community and everyone who lives there because we are very pleased to be a jewel in Yorkshire’s crown.

You will read stories throughout the month that will bring you to tears, make you laugh aloud, and, of course, astound you with some of the most incredible stunts you have ever seen.

Never before has this statement been more accurate: “The Emmerdale team is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating drama as it very best.”

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