Emmerdale teases major storm chaos with first anniversary trailer – as lives at risk

In a brand-new trailer, Emmerdale has hinted at the massive storm that will smash the Dales as part of the ITV soap’s 50th anniversary.

In a few weeks, Emmerdale will reach a significant milestone, and the storm stunt is expected to have a disastrous effect on the village’s residents.

Who will survive the frightening ordeal? is a question that the teaser promises will be raised by characters like Marlon (Mark Charnock), Charles (Kevin Mathurin), and Charity (Emma Atkins).

The opening scene of the trailer teases the mayhem that will be present at Kim (Claire King) and Will (Dean AndrewsITV )’s soap opera wedding.

Kim is shown in the first look standing on rocks in the middle of a storm with her filthy shoes in her hand and her wedding dress coated in muck.

This might be connected to Harriet’s (Katherine Dow Blyton) declaration of love for Kim’s fiancé in the upcoming soap opera episode.

As Cain and Al square off in another scene, figurines of the characters can be seen standing still. Has the affair between Al and Chas been made public, driving Cain to seek retribution?

In a different scene, Charity and Noah are in their car in the village, terrified, surrounded by downed trees and roiling storm clouds.

A team from ITV Creatives developed this unique trailer.

The unique teaser was put together by Tony Pipes, executive creative director of ITV Creatives, who called the 50th anniversary “a watershed event in television.”

“It’s astonishing that a show has persisted in the nation’s hearts and thoughts for five decades,” he continued.

The creative Jess came up with the idea of a celebratory cake because she thought it would be a wonderful way to tell the story of the upcoming special episode and honor its history.

Director Matt Rhodes described the challenges of working with the actors while they stood “totally still” and employed 3D printers to make the miniatures as he described the difficulties of filming the clip.

He stated: “Their clothes and hair were on wires to give the appearance that they were being battered by the strong winds, so they couldn’t move an inch.

Everything, including The Woolpack, the barn, the car, and the outfits, was faithfully reconstructed as it appeared in the television series. The Emmerdale World is reflected in it, said creative director Rachel King.

“The audience will be captivated by the hints and easter eggs (not chocolate ones) of what’s to come that are hidden in the movie since they are invested in the storylines of these beloved characters.

“All of the action remains in the familiar and where the fans’ hearts live, even though the execution is novel, employing models.”

On Sunday, October 16, exactly 50 years to the day after the show’s debut on television, Emmerdale will air a special one-hour episode.

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