Emmerdale teases Amelia reunion with Noah after cancer scare

Following Amelia Spencer’s cancer scare, Emmerdale has hinted at a reunion between her and Noah Dingle.

Amelia recently discovered a lump on her breast, which has put her in a precarious situation. She is anxious about Esther’s future as she waits for information on whether the bump is malignant.

The audience will be aware that Samson Dingle, Esther’s father, actually caused the breakup of Amelia and Noah by extorting him for access to the child.

In the episode that aired on Friday, April 14, Amelia left Esther with Charity while she went to a hospital scan, rejecting Noah’s offer to assist with the baby’s care.

Samson then made an effort to console Amelia after she started crying while waiting for the bus.

She claimed that she had discovered a lump when he attempted to point out that she was having trouble coping.

“You think of cancer every time they say ‘lump,’ don’t you?” Added Amelia. “Manpreet said it’s probably unlikely, despite that.”

Samson became irate and told her to board the following bus to get the lump checked; he even called her “selfish” for taking some time to consider the potential consequences.

“You’re not considering Esther. She will grow up without a mother if something happens to you, he yelled before stomping out.

The tumor appeared to be larger than anticipated, so when viewers next saw Amelia, she had arrived at the hospital and was getting ready for her scan and biopsy.

Amelia was understandably alarmed when the nurse informed her that it would take a week to receive the findings, but she was reassured that coming in straight away had been the right decision.

The nurse advised, “I know it’s hard, but try not to worry.”

When Amelia later went back to the village to pick up Esther, Noah saw something wasn’t right. Amelia at last told him what she had been going through that day.

“Amelia, listen to me, you’re going to get through this and I’m going to be there like I always have been,” he assured her.

Noah drew Amelia in for a comforting hug as she began to spiral and wonder whether she had cancer. Next week, viewers will witness them get even closer.

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