Emmerdale stars who’ve been replaced on ITV soap – race row, fighting and tragic death

People join and quit jobs just like any other employment, and soap operas are no exception.

But the only distinction is that viewers and fans of soap operas develop strong bonds with the actors.

Whether they have been in it for years or only a few months, it is simple to become used to a familiar voice and face.

It can therefore be a shock to the system when actors move on, are fired, or are replaced.

Emmerdale, like all other soap operas, isn’t exempt from these changes and has actually seen a good amount of recasting.

The Daily Star examines a race dispute, a tragic death, and other factors as causes for recasting, not all of which are positive.

Ellis Chapman

Before Aaron Anthony took over, Asan N’Jie performed the role of Ellis Chapman.

When ITV announced in 2019 that they had canceled the actor’s contract with immediate effect, the original actor—who made his debut in The Dales in 2018—was fired from the program.

Investigation into claims that he and Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas got into an altercation at London’s Hilton Park Lane Hotel, where the two had to be separated twice, led to the arrest.

After Aaron took over in 2019 – the position of Ellis was soon expected to get into problems once more, leaving the character’s future up in the air.

Aaron left the serial opera this year (2022) as a result of an alleged on-set racism argument involving Matthew Wolfenden and Isabel Hodgins.

Sarah Sugden

Before Katie Hill rose to fame as the young teen, Sarah Sugden had a number of actresses audition for the part.

Aside from Katie, Sophia Amber Moore, who occupied the position from 2007 until 2016, was the most notable.

When her mother Debbie Dingle came to Yorkshire from France, she left the show in order to be replaced.

Sophia made appearances in The Royal and Heartbeat prior to being cast as Sarah.

The part of Sarah Sugden has been replaced for an older actress due to the nature of the tale, a program spokesman noted at the time.

They informed Metro that Katie Hill will now fill the position.

Robert Sugden

Although Ryan Hawley is the most recent performer to take on the part of Robert, he was actually the fourth.

Ryan has been in charge since 2014, however his character is now injured. Robert has been a character in the Dales since 1986.

Richard Smith played the part initially from 1986 to 1989, after which Christopher Smith took over for 12 years, from 2001.

But when the producers desired an older actor, they fired Christopher and hired Karl Davies, who took over until 2005.

Leo Goskirk

Between 2011 to 2014, Harry Whittaker, a young actor, played Leo Goskirk, the son of Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle.

Harry passed unexpectedly in 2014, 10 days after his final on-screen appearance in July, from a severe lung infection.

When Harry died, the cast and crew of Emmerdale, who were just three years old at the time, were reportedly “devastated,” according to a representative for the show.

In a post honoring “dearest, loveliest Harry,” actor Mark Charnock, who portrays Leo’s on-screen father Marlon Dingle, was visibly moved by the terrible news.

Following Harry’s passing, Harvey Rogerson assumed leadership of Leo and has held the position ever since.

Gabby Thomas

The spunky and self-assured daughter of Bernice Blackstock and the late vicar Ashley Thomas is Gabby Thomas.

She first appeared on Christmas Day of 2001 as a baby.

Annelise Manojlovic previously portrayed Gabby, who is now portrayed by Rosie Bentham.

According to her profile on Mandy.co.uk, Annelise underwent a significant career U-turn and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ballet Performance at The School of Ballet Theatre UK.

Rosie assumed the role in January 2016 and has continued to play the part ever since.

Rosie has established herself as a household brand and a fan favorite since taking on the job.

While playing Gabby, Rosie has acted in numerous dramatic scenes, including the passing of her on-screen father and the birth of her first child.

Lucas Taylor

Dexter Ansell played Dawn Taylor’s son when he first appeared in the Dales in 2019.

But after Dexter made his final appearance in March of 2021, Noah Ryan Aspinall took over the role.

Many viewers claimed to have “done a double take” when they noticed the actor change when fans first noticed that Lucas had been recast in December.

At the time, one wrote, “Lucas has had a face, body, and personality transplant.”

A second said, “WAIT they’ve recast Lucas???”

An additional third added: “an updated Lucas. He speaks and stands a foot taller.”

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