Emmerdale stars fear the axe ahead of big 50th anniversary stunt

According to news outlets, Emmerdale actors are worried of being fired before the show’s significant 50th anniversary event in October.

Later this year, the ITV serial will mark its 50th anniversary with a Golden Month of Events.

A significant stunt that is expected to result in the deaths of some villagers will be at the center of the event.

Favorite characters from the soap opera have now expressed their concern about losing their jobs.

Emmerdale actors are afraid of the ax

Mark Charnock acknowledged that he often worries about being fired from the serial opera.

“There’s a great family vibe here,” he told the journalists, adding, “Never ever, ever consider beyond the contract. I’ve said it before.”

“The healthiest, best course of action is to assume the worst.

The amazing byproduct of that is that it keeps you alert all the time. You must continue to give it your all. Never, ever assume it to be given.

It has been a beautiful work, he continued, and being a part of its history feels extra special now that the anniversary is approaching.

“I still clearly recall the 40th anniversary. That decade flew by like lightning, which, I suppose, proves that it was never boring.

You always fear that your days are numbered.

“I’m honored to have participated [for so long].

In the 1970s, I used to watch it in the afternoons with my grandmother and grandfather. Being a part of it feels wonderful.

In the program, 57-year-old Katherine Dow Blyton portrays Harriet Finch.

Two years ago, viewers saw Harriet cover up Dawn Taylor’s murder of DI Malone, and ever since, they have been in danger of being found out.

The actress has now acknowledged that she is concerned about being fired as well.

You constantly fear that your days are numbered, she remarked.

“There must be repercussions; you cannot get away with murder, whether they occur immediately or two years later.

But I’ll remain for however long they request. Thank God for the role and the show that I adore.

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