Emmerdale star teases ‘rollercoaster’ 50th anniversary episodes as he hints at a death

The 50th anniversary episodes of Emmerdale will be a “rollercoaster ride,” according to star Jay Kontzle.

Before the program’s dramatic episodes in October to honor its 50th year on screens, the soap actor who portrays Billy Fletcher on the ITV show has promised a lot of drama to mark the forthcoming jubilee and indicated that there may be a death as part of it.

He said of the approaching celebration for the show, “It’s going to be amazing.

I can only promise a rollercoaster ride. I enjoy working there and have enjoyed taking part in events like Super Soap Week.

I’ve had some fantastic plots, but they’re all so different.

Jay also claimed that his character Billy “always seems to be near death,” which may have been a clue that there would be at least one death during the soap’s unique month-long celebrations.

People might not be aware of this, but we film nine to eleven scenes a day and it can be grueling – but we get through it as a team,” he told OK! magazine. “My character always seems to be near death, which is a bit dark, but I prefer those high-stakes situations.”

As he hinted at many deaths throughout the show’s dramatic month of episodes, vicar Charles Anderson (played by actor Kevin Mathurin) in the soap opera told The Mirror that there was “the odd funeral” on the way.

“All I can say is that Charles will have a lot of work to do, and he’ll be visiting his parishioners to see whether they’re all right and there might even be the occasional burial. I’ll stop there since I believe I’ve talked enough “said he.

“That’s all I’m going to say; you should see the 50th anniversary special. I’ll stop talking now.”

Laura Shaw, the show’s producer, teased, “Of course, we’re still planning for our huge 50th golden birthday in the autumn. I think we’re all absolutely really giddy about it here.” She added, “It’s just our big chance to showcase everything we do best and make sure every single one of our wonderful characters in the show gets a little bit of limelight.”

Therefore, everyone will find something to enjoy there.

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