Emmerdale star teases ‘fireworks’ as Kim Tate and Harriet Finch set for showdown

When Will Taylor is getting married to the bad guy Kim Tate, Harriet Finch from Emmerdale should be careful what she wishes for.

There will be “fireworks” as Kim Tate and Harriet Finch square off, says Emmerdale actress Katherine Dow Blyton.

The persona of Katherine Just before her ex-boyfriend Will Taylor weds Kim, Harriet plans to declare her unwavering love for him.

In the midst of a severe storm that would wreak havoc, it might trigger turmoil on their special day during the soap opera’s 50th anniversary episodes in October.

However, it appears that a showdown between the women may be in the works as Kim finds out about Harriet’s efforts to win back Will, the man she is going to marry.

In an interview with The Mirror and other media outlets, Katherine revealed there will be drama, and soap creator Kate Brooks also hinted at “fireworks.”

“Harriet is really faking it,” Katherine observed. She must express her sentiments before he walks down the aisle, but you know, it’s the last opportunity saloon. The end of it follows that.

Regarding the Claire King shoot, Katherine jokingly remarked: “No, she’s dreadful [laughs]. It’s fine, I agree. Both of them are They may not be as feisty as Kim Tate, but Harriet and Kim Tate are both capable of taking care of themselves.

We should be doing this on November 5th, so yes, there will be fireworks and more fireworks! They undoubtedly will experience their share of moments.

Kim will hear Harriet declare her everlasting love for Will, so undoubtedly there will be many fireworks, according to Kate.

Kim isn’t very pleased about that, Katherine went on to say. Discuss timing before the nuptials.

In addition, the actress mentioned the milestone 50th episode and seemed to imply she will be involved in some sort of stunt.

It’s believed that everyone is involved because lives are at stake because a severe windstorm has altered lives and the hamlet forever.

I’m sure it’s going to be quite interesting,” Katherine teased, hinting at her personal participation. I’ve only recently read the scripts, after all.

It’s just sort of the build-up; I haven’t yet begun filming my piece. It will be amazing for me to be a part of that, though, as I’ve never actually performed large feats.

“There’s always excitement. I’m sure it’s going to be incredibly fun being outside and being thrown around. And I’m still not there yet.

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