Emmerdale star Samantha Giles reveals dream Bernice story that didn’t happen

“Perhaps the appeal of Bernice is that she is ultimately lonely and unable to find a life partner.”

Ahead of Bernice Blackstock’s departure, Samantha Giles, an Emmerdale star, has shared her ideal plot.

In scenes that will air the following week, Bernice will bow out of the village in response to Giles’s decision to leave the soap opera and give up his part.

A few months ago, Bernice and Bob Hope collaborated to take over the B&B, and viewers were given a tiny glimpse of their potential romance on the show.

The soap opera speculated that Bernice and Bob would become romantically involved when they started a business partnership.

Bob turned down Bernice’s advances toward her new business partner, Wendy Posner, instead of showing her some love.

Giles discussed her feelings for Bob and Bernice in an interview prior to her departure, adding that she would have preferred for them to reconcile.

In response to a question about if she was depressed about leaving the B&B and working with Bob’s actor Tony Audenshaw, Giles replied, “Very much so! Although I think Bob and Bernice would have been a fantastic, long-lasting team, part of me really wanted them to get together. Bernice may be appealing because, like many others, she is ultimately lonely and hasn’t found a life partner.”

“I believe she has accepted her single status, but she secretly isn’t content. “I believe she had fallen in love with Bob, but she was desperate to try the right thing, and she succeeded once again,” she continued.

From a professional standpoint, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Tony and Wendy’s actress Sue Cookson. I shall miss the many, many laughs we have shared—probably too many.”

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