Emmerdale star quits after just a year on soap and has filmed final scenes

Darcy Gray, who plays Marcus Dean in the ITV serial opera Emmerdale, has made the decision to leave the community.

The actor began working on the soap opera last year, but he has already shot his final scenes and will leave the Dales later this month.

“Marcus’s stay in the community naturally came to an end. The door is open, but Darcy wants to extend his wings “The Sun was told by a TV source.

Rhona Gorskirk, who had been raped and married to legendary murdering rapist Pierce Harris, was shocked to learn that Marcus was the murderer’s long-lost son.

Marcus was encouraged to remain in the community by Rhona after she realized how different he was from her ex-husband.

Marcus and Ethan Anderson recently started dating, but things got rocky when Greg, Ethan’s boss, assaulted Marcus sexually.

Naomi, the sister of Ethan, attempted to halt the shrewd boss in his tracks, but the strategy backfired, leading to Marcus’ arrest for assault.

Then, in order to keep his boyfriend out of jail, Ethan was compelled to let his boss get away with his actions.

The couple had a difficult time getting over the tragedy, and they broke up in tragic scenes.

Even though there was a chance the pair would get back together, Marcus’ approaching departure indicates that Ethan won’t be able to move past the incident.

Emmerdale viewers were divided at Marcus and Ethan’s heartache, with some pondering whether their separation was best for their relationship.

One said: “I hope Marcus and Ethan don’t end their relationship in #emmerdale, but another person disagreed, saying: “Marcus & Ethan obviously need some space apart. Right now, their connection is quite poisonous. #Emmerdale.” (sic)

Marcus is such a wasted character, with his dad and family background, he might have some very interesting plots, but instead he’s just a bit wet #emmerdale, someone else commented.

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