Emmerdale star opens up on latest character death as cast exodus continues

A recent shocking death from the soap opera Emmerdale prompted a response from star Flo Wilson as exits continue.

Victor Anderson’s demise was recently depicted for Emmerdale viewers. Another member of the cast had left the soap opera.

Characters Priya Sharma, played by Fiona Wade, Marcus Dean, by Darcy Grey, and Naomi Walters, played by Karene Peters, have left the village in the past year. Additionally, the widely reported passing of the character Rishi Sharma.

The Emmerdale actress who plays Claudette has commented on the passing of her fictional husband. Regarding the current scenes, she chatted with Inside Soap.

Victor was scheduled to die, but as we (the cast members portraying the Andersons) all started working together, relationships were formed, according to Flo.

Knowing where the tale was heading was actually upsetting. The smile on Eddie (Osei, who played Victor) could melt ice caps.

Matthew Wolfenden will be leaving the village in another high-profile departure from Emmerdale. David Metcalfe’s actor, Matthew, said he was anxious to leave after playing him for almost 20 years. The time seems to be right.

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