Emmerdale star Matthew Wolfenden breaks silence on David Metcalfe exit

Star of Emmerdale Matthew Wolfenden has spoken out about leaving the program, acknowledging that it “feels like the right time.”

After 17 years, the actor was said to be retiring as David Metcalfe, and now Matthew has spoken out in public for the first time about the transition.

I’m very frightened about leaving, almost two decades, the actor revealed on yesterday’s (September 6) This Morning.

But Matthew said, “It feels like the right time,” hinting that he might return later. I’ve been assured that they won’t kill me off, so the door is left open. It’s okay for me to tell you that. Who knows, I might return; we’ll see.

The singer continued, clearly upset, “I met my wife [Charley Webb] on the show, and we’ve had three kids. It has not only given me 18 years of a fantastic job, but it has also given me family. So to sum it up, it has played a huge role in my life.

Victoria Sugden will play a crucial role in the plot, the actor hinted as to how his leave would unfold.

I can’t say too much, but there is a resolution of sorts. He departs from the village for Victoria’s sake. You could say that.

It happens after the serial teased a romantic turn for David as Victoria-related memories resurface in upcoming episodes.

Following the news of his leaving, Matthew has already booked his next gig as Buddy in the musical version of Elf. He will be seen there from November 15 to January 6, 2024.

Along with Georgina Castle as Buddy’s love interest Jovie and Tom Chambers portraying Buddy’s father Walter Hobbs, Rebecca Lock plays Emily, Walter’s wife, in the show.

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