Emmerdale star Mark Charnock reveals Marlon Dingle’s role in special episode

Emmerdale star Mark Charnock has opened up about Marlon Dingle’s part in the cleaner’s forthcoming’ face your fears’ special occasion.

The new occasion will see Rhona Goskirk grow frustrated with her favored bones – videlicet Marlon, Mary and Paddy – amid their issues, and organise a day to attack effects head on.

It comes amid Marlon’s stroke recovery, as he is challenged to face his fears of driving coming week, Mark admitting that his character is” alarmed” about facing up to effects.

” All three of them are,” he explained.” None of them want to deal with their issues.

” There’s this really good scene where we see how it’s affecting Rhona. As the three people she’s closest to are all suffering psychologically and it’s taking its risk on her. It’s a triadic megahit on her really. None of them want to do it. But she drags them through the slush and into the clear water.”

Despite this, Marlon is” hopeful”, Mark saying” He wants that independence back and he wants to prove to his musketeers that he’s not completely reliant on them. And that they do n’t have to be there at every turn. So yes he’s hopeful.”

Mark said he’s” pleased he’s eventually getting to grips with it”, adding” He needs that drive from the person he trusts most and who will not let him suffer. She’s the one in the end who pushes him across the finish line.”

Speaking further about whether it’s good to do effects that are dispiriting, the actor suggested” That’s entirely dependent on what it is. I do n’t suppose you can say it as a general rule. People deal with exorcising their fears in different ways.

” For illustration, for me the idea of going on a comber coaster would worsen my anxiety around heights. But I suppose watching a horror film does maybe cashier your fears.

” I suppose psychoanalysts would probably say that watching a horror film in some ways is good as it exorcises so numerous physiological demons.

” But you’re living out the fears in the safe terrain of your sitting room. Whereas on a rollercoaster you aren’t in the safety of your sitting room but rattling around at a veritably high speed on a veritably high thing. I suppose it’s not going to stop you feeling alarmed. So for me it’s entirely dependent on the circumstances and what your factual fear is.”

Mark also spoke about facing his own fears in the history, recalling” I did the singing show at Christmas on ITV called Britain Get Singing and we were singing in a group. I ’m not a songster and indeed though I was n’t singing solo I was really really nervous.

” But do you know what? Going through it was an amazing process. I was working with six other members of the Emmerdale cast who were extremely probative and kind. 

So I suppose it wasn’t unalike Marlon going through his drivinhis driving fire and finding strength in group support.”

The star said the support from his cast mates was” amazing”, adding” By the end of it I nearly could n’t stay to do it. Which was an amazing metamorphosis that happed over 72 hours and purely down to the people I did it with.

” It was a big deal for me, I’ll noway be a songster but getting over there and doing that incompletely because it was for a good cause.

But it was really good for me in terms of allowing if I can do this-other stuff that gives me anxiety I can probably deal with as well.

” lately I’ve done karaoke, granted it was in front of a small limited followership but I did it,” he added.” I sang terribly but I really enjoyed it. I am just saying that Journey’s ‘ Do n’t Stop Believing ’ has noway been done worse by anybody in history!”

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