Emmerdale star Lewis Cope reveals real-life friendship with Rosie Bentham

Star of Emmerdale Lewis Cope has revealed his friendship with Rosie Bentham in real life.

Because they collaborated every day during his first six months on the show, Lewis acknowledged to Inside show that Rosie is perhaps his closest friend on the crew.

As part of his father Caleb’s scheme against Kim Tate, Lewis’ Nicky Miligan character, who is portrayed by Rosie, was formerly engaged to Gabby Thomas.

Although Nicky was supposed to fool Gabby into marrying him, it turned out that he had been dating someone the entire time. Nicky eventually confessed to Gabby after getting cold feet.

Lewis responded, “I’d probably say Rosie Bentham, because from the beginning and for my first six months we’ve pretty much been working together every day.” Rosie Bentham and I have basically worked together every day since the beginning.

Lewis expressed his optimism for Nicky and Gabby’s future friendship despite their past, saying: “I think they do get along. The situation and the manipulation are the problem.

“I don’t think she would forgive Nicky easily. It wasn’t me; it was my dad, he has attempted every possible defense. She wasn’t at all buying that I was coerced, though. Nicky could need to save her from drowning or something.

Lewis had some complimentary remarks to make about Will Ash, who plays his on-screen father Caleb, and other co-workers.

Lewis praised Will, saying, “Will’s been absolutely brilliant from the beginning.” “He’s a good partner. He constantly has a smile on his face and is present. He is incredibly helpful and compassionate.

He’s wonderful if you have a question about the scene or are trying to figure something out, and we work extremely well together. Simply put, he’s a very kind dude.

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