Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher unrecognisable in one of his first ever TV roles

Actor Kelvin Fletcher from Emmerdale appeared on television for the first time and didn’t look like him at all.

The Strictly Come Dancing star began his career in soap operas in 1996 when he initially assumed the part of Andy Sugden, which he played for 20 years before leaving the program in 2016.

However, he first gained notoriety as a kid performer in programs like Three Seven Eleven, Heartbeat, and even one episode of Coronation Street in 1996 as an unnamed “lad.”

Even though Kelvin has largely given up acting to manage his family farm, which was the focus of the TV documentary Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure earlier in 2022, he still makes appearances on television from time to time.

His most recent acting appearance was in a McDonald & Dodds episode. He has also recently appeared in the dramas The Teacher and Death in Paradise.

However, the Andy Sugden star is entirely unrecognizable in one episode of Cracker.

He co-starred with Robbie Coltrane, who played Harry Potter, in the 1994 episode The Big Crunch: Part 3 as a young boy.

In the episode, Kelvin shows up wearing a bottle green school uniform with a red-and-yellow striped tie as he approaches Dr. Fitz, played by Coltrane, to demand money to conduct an errand.

Dr. Fitz snaps, demanding his £4 reward: “You said 50 cents!” The young boy replies cheekily, “Each way!”

Kelvin was in fits of laughter when a follower sent him the adorable video on Twitter, and he joked, “Haha! I can still picture that haircut! with a laughing-crying emoji.

In his family, Brayden Fletcher, the brother of actor Kelvin Fletcher, was also cast in an early age in Coronation Street.

Brayden played an anonymous young person in a 2016 Corrie episode who was intent annoy Chesney Brown while he was employed at the kebab business.

Two small children who resembled Brayden’s older brother were determined to terrorize Chesney by refusing to pay for their food and tipping over the mustard and ketchup bottles.

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