Emmerdale star Katherine Dow Blyton teases storm danger for Harriet Finch

Katherine Dow Blyton, an Emmerdale actor, has talked about taking part in tense stunt sequences for the show’s 50th anniversary plot.

On the day of Kim Tate and Will Taylor’s wedding, a fatal windstorm strikes the town in the next high-stakes episodes of the ITV soap opera.

Katherine’s persona Will is adamant that he wants to stay with Kim, so Harriet Finch has spent the previous few weeks trying tirelessly to win him back.

In the one-hour special airing this Sunday, October 16, Harriet steps in to assist when she learns that Amelia Spencer has given birth in the midst of a storm.

When Kim decides to assist as well, she rides her horse in close pursuit of Harriet as she searches for Amelia.

Regarding the major episodes, Katherine said: “It’s fantastic. This is my first time taking part in the super stunt weeks; I have never done so before.

“I loved performing the stunts, and it’s exhilarating.”

When asked if Harriet would be affected by the storm threat, Katherine said, “Oh, she will! As my body double, I had the lovely Belinda. She was incredible.

“I performed what I felt comfortable doing, but clearly not close to her brilliance, skill, or guts. I found it enjoyable to observe. The amount of work that goes into something like that is amazing.

“Being fully absorbed in something so dramatic is great. It’s exciting to be part in stunts and big storylines.”

Katherine also discussed working on the ongoing love triangle plot with Dean Andrews and Claire King, who play Will and Kim.

She uttered: “I love it. I’ve obviously worked with Dean a lot, but up until now, I haven’t gotten a lot of Claire’s screen time, so it’s been great. We laughed together, grew close, and had in-depth conversations. She’s wonderful, and such a fighter. I’ve never met anyone who puts in such long hours.”

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