Emmerdale star Isobel Steele teases twist with Sandra and Liv’s story

Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) is in an extreme put right now on Emmerdale, controlled by her mum Sandra (Joanne Mitchell) who has been imagining she had Liv’s wellbeing on a basic level, while watchers realize that Sandra has truly been after Liv’s cash from the beginning.

Isobel Steele says that Liv has been ‘caught unaware’ by Sandra’s activities. ‘She’s hauled back in again every time there’s another appearance for Sandra,’ she notices. ‘It’s been good to see Liv’s excursion with that and Sandra’s excursion, and how the two of them turn out to be awful for one another when they’re together, and the way in which blinkered they are with one another.’

She partakes in the intricacy of Liv’s and Sandra’s relationship. ‘[Sandra’s] a very elegantly composed character,’ she says.

‘I think some place where it counts she truly minds. I needed to ensure when we were recording these scenes and I was working with Jo the beats were played where now and again when she sees the destruction she’s caused. There is real feeling there, she feels remorseful for what she’s doing.

‘Liv is her little girl and some place where it counts there is that inclination, that adoration for Liv. She’s a mind boggling character since she is so dreadful, however it comes from a position of not understanding what love is, urgency, a terrible childhood, a terrible past with Liv.’

Notwithstanding this, watchers will be frantic for Sandra to get her proper recompense. Isobel isn’t going to give a lot of away, however she let us know that we can expect a major unexpected development.

‘Its simply the cheerful closure everybody is pulling for on screen,’ she says. ‘I cherished playing it. It’s a genuine shock, so we’ve been playing it and staying alert this is coming up so the crowd are amazed by it and I think it takes care of all around well. It’s a genuine success.’

Which is amazing news all round.

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