Emmerdale star Flo Wilson responds to shock death storyline

In response to the terrible passing of her on-screen spouse, Emmerdale actress Flo Wilson, who plays vicar Charles Anderson’s mother Claudette, has released a statement.

In an episode that aired on August 29, Victor, the father of Charles, passed away unexpectedly after making an attempt to steal a family relic from Manpreet. Victor fled after Claudette discovered the necklace in her husband’s pocket, only to be discovered dead in the church by his son Charles.

Wilson claimed that Claudette’s cherished husband’s demise was predetermined before she joined the program in an interview with Inside Soap about his passing.

Wilson stated that although “we [the Andersons] all started working together, and relationships were built,” “we [have always known that Victor would die].”

“It was genuinely upsetting knowing where the story was going: Eddie [Osei, who played Victor] has a smile that could melt ice caps,” she continued.

Fans of the soap opera will be aware that Charles was the one who put the necklace in his father’s pocket to accuse him of stealing it.

The anguish Charles will have in the following weeks will pale in comparison to the emotions his mother would experience if she learns of his betrayal.

Wilson cautioned the remaining Andersons that they would experience strong emotions, saying: “It’s a bit of a roller coaster, with reactions to come from everybody.” Wilson was teasing what was to come for the family. It’s difficult to accept with Charles’ death because we watched him constantly pushing Victor away.

As the drama develops, Claudette appears to be assuming a more conventional soap opera position as the matriarch of the family, a responsibility she calls “an honor.”

She said, “It’s an honor because I want to convey the whole range of a black matriarch. She speaks in a tone that reminds me a lot of the seniors I knew when I was younger — she has a strong moral compass but sometimes doesn’t follow it. However, she has a good heart.

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