Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt reveals why facing your fears isn’t always a good thing

In a future Emmerdale episode, Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) will participate in Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) Face Your Fears Day.

Paddy, Marlon (Mark Charnock), and Mary (Louise Jameson) will all face situations that make them more anxious thanks to Rhona’s suggestion.

Marlon will be getting into a car that has been carefully modified to enable him to drive for the first time since his stroke.

After learning that her ex-girlfriend Faye was a wicked con artist, Mary is returning to the world of dating.

And Paddy’s mental health is the main concern.

After attempting suicide a few months ago, Paddy has experienced quite a mental health journey.

He has improved his surroundings and routinely participates in support meetings run by the nonprofit Andy’s Man Club, which encourages him to be more open about his thoughts.

Dominic Brunt told us, “I think he was quite emotionally immature in that way and certainly struggled.”

“I believe that is how he was raised, and I believe that is the way with many men, we take after our fathers and their fathers, and I believe that is changing slowly but surely.” Paddy most definitely no longer feels foolish for sounding so frail.

People frequently discuss how helpful it is to do this when it comes to facing something that makes them uneasy. Consider a phobia of roller coasters. On the one hand, all it takes to get rid of the dread is to ride a big rollercoaster and feel the adrenaline pour through your veins.

However, immersing yourself in a terrifying situation could have a completely different effect, leaving you with a more severe phobia than you had before.

Dominic concurs with this perspective as he thinks of the proverb “do something that scares you everyday.”

It’s typically more nuanced than that, he added, since I believe it’s acceptable to feel afraid and refrain from acting and I believe it’s acceptable to be careful about certain things as well.

He questioned whether it was wise to venture outside of your comfort zone and responded, “I don’t think it is particularly!”

“I like to give myself a certain amount of intellectual stress, and although I wasn’t very good in school, I am trying to learn a language, I’ve gone back and completed a diploma at Cambridge, I’ve learned an instrument, and I’ve run a marathon. You try and give yourself things outside of the norm to try and give yourself the push, I think that’s very good.”

putting oneself in a fearful situation Although I’m not sure if I support it to the extreme, I do support pushing the envelope.

He said, “I wouldn’t put myself in a position of fear, I don’t think.”

“I want to learn new things. When I used to participate in motorbike track days, you wouldn’t just show up on a bike day and participate in the track day; instead, you would complete the necessary training and build up your confidence before participating. I disagree with the fear quotes because I believe that fear only exists when you panic, and panic only occurs when you are unprepared.

Back in Emmerdale, as Marlon gathers the bravery to start driving, he runs into Paddy, who doesn’t understand how significant this is for his closest buddy.

Dominic remarked, “I think he loses his sense of humor and he thinks…he doesn’t realize that Marlon is scared and it’s a big thing for Marlon.”

He is attempting to be Marlon’s typical friend by saying, “It doesn’t matter!” but he is unaware that Marlon has lost his sense of humor about the situation, and possibly with good reason. I love the squabbling moments, I adore them, and we’ve had tons of them recently, it’s been amazing. It’s like love/hate quarrel stuff.’

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