Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt reveals losing Chas to Al is Paddy’s ‘ultimate fear’

Paddy Kirk’s (Dominic Brunt) life has recently been filled with stress, and with Al Chapman’s (Michael Wildman) clawing his way into the pub, things aren’t about to get any easier for him.

When Paddy learned of Al’s involvement in the pub, he knew he had to act quickly to try to stop him.

Paddy sought assistance from Kim (Claire King), but in true Paddy Kirk fashion, his original plan for a one-time horse-doping crime has turned into something he can’t get out of.

Al, on the other hand, has a covert plan to convert the pub into luxury apartments. Al is making fantastic headway since planning comes easy to him, but favorite character Paddy is monitoring his every move, frightened that the farther he goes with his scheme, the more he could attempt to take Chas (Lucy Pargeter) from him.

According to previous storylines, Al is a self-centered man who believes he is capable of stealing any woman from her partner.

As Dominic Brunt explained to Metro.co.uk, Paddy’s fear remains in the back of his mind:

‘I believe Paddy’s greatest worry is losing Chas to Al. I believe he would put up a significant fight. Perhaps not a physical brawl! Al has the upper hand with Paddy.

‘He’s more attractive, educated, well-dressed, and into business; I believe he believes Al has so much more to give Chas than he has.’

Paddy and Chas married last year, and their romance has stayed strong into 2021.

Despite Chas’s assurances to her husband that she will never fall for Al’s so-called ‘charm,’ Paddy’s lack of self-confidence leads him to secretly believe otherwise, as Dominic adds:

He loves her and they have children together. I don’t think Paddy is possessive; he just doesn’t have a high sense of self-worth; he feels sorry for himself and fears losing her – he can’t believe he has her.

‘Chas is quite forward-thinking when it comes to business. I believe she could be swayed by Al’s pub ideas and the prospect of a better, more stable business.

‘Paddy’s fear of losing Chas is always present in his mind. To him, she is everything.

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