Emmerdale star Danny Miller reveals clever prop which helped him cry on ITV soap

Star of the ITV series Emmerdale Danny Miller has revealed how his superiors assisted him in crying during his scenes.

For several years, Danny portrayed Aaron Dingle on the show, and his persona was well-known for frequently crying. Danny shared with viewers of Celebrity Catchphrase tonight what his bosses would hand him if he needed to cry on cue.

During Danny’s time in the Dales, the I’m A Celebrity winner experienced some significant storylines. His most recent return to the soap opera was for a very special month of episodes marking the soap’s 50th anniversary last year, during which his sister Liv Dingle passed away in tragic circumstances.

The presenter asked Stephen Mulhern, the host of Catchphrase, what the “crying stick” was as he frequently cried on the program.

Danny responded in jest, stating, “Well Stephen I never needed to use it, there will be the Emmerdale cast watching this now, going “You liar!”,” before admitting the crying stick had helped him cry when it was time.

A sobbing stick is a type of lipstick with a waxy stick that contains extracts of menthol and camphor to assist trigger tears of natural crying.

Last year, he returned to Emmerdale for a special run of episodes, although he left open the potential of a longer stay.

Before returning to Emmerdale, he spoke with The Mirror and other media outlets, saying: “Obviously, I never imagined that I’d be going on I’m A Celebrity, and everything that happened there. I never would have thought that I’d be returning for a while so soon.

“So when they contacted to ask if I wanted to participate in the 50th? Quite obviously, I became attracted right away. I was somewhat drawn to return to celebrate the 50th with someone who had played such a significant role in my life because I was familiar with the narratives.

Added him: “For me, Emmerdale has been enormous. They asked me to come and wish them a happy birthday, so that was kind of an honor. It has been wonderful to come back and see everyone. There are many new faces as well as many familiar ones, and it has been lovely to get to know them and catch up with those I haven’t seen in a year.”

Danny also acknowledged that it was “risky” for him to request his departure from the show at the time that he did, particularly given the presence of the pernicious serial killer Meena Jutla and her ongoing murderous rampage throughout the Emmerdale hamlet.

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