Emmerdale star Danny Miller hits back at trolls after wife breastfed baby on live TV

After his wife Steph breastfed their child live on television, Emmerdale actor Danny Miller struck back at the trolls.

The actor addressed the criticism his wife received during their appearance on Friday’s Loose Women. The actor is best known for his role as Aaron Dingle in the ITV serial opera.

The pair appeared on the daytime programme to talk about the challenges they had trying to conceive since Steph, a midwife, had polycystic ovaries (PCOS), which can affect fertility. However, several viewers took issue with Steph’s choice to feed an uneasy Edith while she was a panellist on Loose Women.

Since then, Danny has responded to comments on social media in a very straightforward and concise manner. We had such a lovely day today down @loosewomen chatting about everything related to life with a family of four and having two children under two, he tweeted. I wanted to take a moment to express how immensely proud I am of my wife, @stephjones1710, for flying the nursing flag and demonstrating that, when it’s needed, nothing comes before it. She is the most fantastic mother.

I just adore this gal. I’m in such awe of her. It’s very normal and natural to breastfeed. This is food. It is attending to the infants’ needs. That’s how easy it is, in fact. And they ought to have information available to them at all times.

Whatever the circumstance. comprised of live television. I hope Edith’s need for exactly that will contribute to the normalisation of nursing whenever and wherever.

One admirer said, “I was watching this afternoon and I literally thought ‘yeah girl’ then thought ‘I bet some Karen has something to say about it’ but why should that thought even have crossed my mind??

I hope there are no unfavourable remarks or reactions! Love you a lot, fellow midwife. “Wasting their time if they do mate they just get deleted,” Danny retorted. You midwives are made of a different stuff, though! I appreciate everything you do. All the love to you and yours and have a fantastic weekend!”

Other supporters of Steph commented on the incident, with one writing: “Was a breath of fresh air witnessing a mother feeding her child! It is the world’s most natural thing! Congrats, Steph! I wish there were more strong women like this, let alone on national television. Another person said: “It has totally made me uncomfortable to feed in public again after recently been made fun of at a little cafe for feeding my 2 month old baby. I was inspired to feel confident enough to eat outside the house again after watching this.

When Steph realised her daughter needed to be fed during the panel discussion and audience introduction portion of the presentation, she did so quietly while Danny was holding their two-year-old son Albert on his knee. Steph had a difficult water birth at home. The Emmerdale actor Danny revealed how they had dealt with the emotional upheaval they experienced while trying to conceive, and he knew his role was just to support Steph when she received the fertility medication Clomid to aid with her conception.

“That’s my role, to be there for my partner Steph, and that’s all I ever wanted to do was just support her the best I could, and I think supporting each other through it worked, you know once you’ve got a shoulder to cry on,” he sincerely said. Steph also talked about having Edith at home, calling the experience “amazing” as she recalled the arduous 36-minute labour. We moved again, and my mother was in the middle of decorating her bedroom, so it was empty when I gave birth there. It was great when we set up the pool in Mom’s room, she said.

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