Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell reveals big plans away from soap

Daisy Campbell, a star of Emmerdale, is eager to participate in a reality show.

With a shocking teen pregnancy revelation, the Amelia Spencer actress is tackling her first significant soap opera storyline.

Additionally, it seems to have given her a taste for the spotlight.

I would love to participate in Dancing on Ice while still working on Emmerdale, Daisy, 18, told the Sunday Mirror.

“I want to stay on the soap for as long as I can. Despite my lack of skill on the ice, I really want to learn how to skate.

Daisy also teased what’s coming up for Amelia in the soap as she struggles with her pregnancy news.

She decides to schedule a visit with an abortion facility because, in her opinion, she must have the procedure.

She believes she is too young to have a child and won’t be able to care for one. She is in for a challenging few months, but I don’t want to give anything away today about whether she will or won’t have an abortion.

Amelia Spencer’s pregnancy-related Emmerdale shock turn

It comes after the actor hinted that the plot would soon take a shocking turn.

This week Amelia collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where she learned she was pregnant.

The teen believed it was caused by her use of a questionable weight-gain syrup, but the doctor provided shocking confirmation.

Amelia kept the development to herself and even blamed God because she was so shocked by it.

And now actress Daisy has teased what is coming next.

Calling the news a “massive shock” to Amelia, she said the teen “never expected it to happen”.

“I think the stuff that’s coming up may maybe startle a lot of the audience,” she continued to Metro.

“I can’t give too much away, but I believe that this is Amelia’s opportunity to truly mature in the show.”

And the identity of the father is still a mystery, with fans making wild speculations about everyone from Noah Dingle to God.

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