Emmerdale star Daisy Campbell loved playing pregnant teen but doesn’t want to be mum yet

Emmerdale viewers are gripped by Daisy Campbell, a glamorous teenage star, and her exciting new plot.

Daisy portrays Amelia Spencer, a 15-year-old teenager who has just learned she is pregnant and must make the difficult decision of whether to retain the child.

Daisy, 18, realizes the significance of such a bombshell scheme as she speaks in her first press interview.

Teen mothers perform a fantastic job, and I truly want to represent them all properly, she said. This plot is so grim and significant.

Being a teen mother is not something I would desire right now, the star, who is blissfully single, stated.

Amelia, who is only 15, initially thinks it is absurd that she is pregnant. She is still a youngster and has not yet graduated from school, therefore it is a complete nightmare for her.

Amelia fell asleep while watching Thomas at Home Farm and dropped the infant.

She believes she has fainted because she was taking an internet-purchased weight gain syrup, but a doctor tells her she is actually pregnant.

She chooses to schedule an appointment at an abortion facility because, in her view, she must have an abortion.

She believes that she is too young to have children and won’t be able to support them.

She is in for a rough few months, but I don’t want to give anything away today by saying whether or not she has an abortion.

The identity of the father is a subject of conjecture, with some fans speculating that it may be Noah Dingle, whom Amelia has discreetly visited in jail. Others speculate that Samson Dingle may be the father. Daisy’s romantic life, fortunately, is much less turbulent.

I am not married, she declared. I like to spend time with my friends and I want to focus on my work. When I turn 19 in a few weeks, my buddies will always come first.

Daisy has garnered more than 55,000 followers on Instagram since she started working on the serial opera 11 years ago, and she frequently posts glitzy images to her platform. And she does receive approach requests from men.

I won’t block them, but I do silence them, she revealed. It doesn’t interest me. With my life, I’m content.

“I have a lot of wonderful pals on the soap opera, and Rosie [Bentham], who portrays Gabby, and I get along beautifully. We just got back from an incredibly enjoyable girls’ trip to Ibiza.

Even though we had our phones in our bags when they were taken from a beach while we were there, we still had a fantastic day.

Even though it was a nightmare, we still wanted to take a vacation together the following year.

Daisy, who grew up watching the soap opera for half of her life while living at home in Yorkshire with her parents Rory and Alison and two siblings, has no regrets.

“Missing out on exciting school trips at times was difficult, but I consider myself fortunate to be a part of a major play.

“And I do believe that I have developed quickly because I do mix with a lot of adults. I adore my job. She reported having a great time in May at her first-ever Soap Awards. Daisy remarked, “I didn’t realize how much work goes into it all to get ready.

“But I really enjoyed it, and the best part is that we won best soap,”

So, is the actress prepared to leave the nest, or would she prefer to play Ken Barlow from Corrie in Emmerdale?

Daisy smiled as she acknowledged how much she would like to continue working for the soap opera’s executives.

However, she also mentioned that her major desire is to skate with Torvill and Dean.

“While I’m still on Emmerdale, I’d want to compete in Dancing on Ice. For as long as I can, I want to remain on the soap opera.

Despite my lack of skill on the ice, I really want to learn how to skate.

Daisy responded when asked if she would ever contemplate having children when she is older: “Hopefully one day, but not right now.”

I think that by using this plot, I can give all the teen mothers a voice. I feel like everything is coming together.

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