Emmerdale star ‘banned from Amazon for life’ after huge mistake saying he’s ‘messed it all up again’

An Emmerdale actor said that he has been “banned from Amazon for life” as a result of a serious error, claiming that he has “messed it all up again.”

The actor updated his admirers with a humorous message on Instagram.

The character of Aaron Livesy, who he played in the ITV series Emmerdale from 2008 to 2021, is the one for which Danny Miller is most known.

The actor routinely amuses his passionate fan base on social media by posting humorous material.

This time, he made them laugh by posting a video in which he said that his wife had banned him from Amazon “for life” because he had placed an order for traffic cones of the incorrect size.

The soap star revealed to his 708k followers that when the traffic cones he ordered for his son Albert to use for an assault course in the backyard came, they were small.

As Danny wrote, “Just a message for you dads out there, is to always leave it to mummy.”

“Yet again dad messed it up all again,” he said in the video, grinning. “So a message to you dads out there, always leave the Amazon deliveries to mummy.”

The happy father wrote in the caption, “DADS LIFE – CHAPTER 1,064: “AMAZON BAN. Wait till the very end.

The video amused viewers universally, and many raced to the comments area to praise Danny.

“This is very good content,” one person wrote. Good work.

The second person added, “Haha, this is hilarious.”

Another person remarked, “This is brilliant!”

Another wrote: “Love it. Send out more videos.

One more said, “This cracked me up.”

It follows Danny’s disclosure that his wife recently gave birth to their second kid.

22-month-old Albert was delighted to meet his new sister, who was being held by his mother Stephanie.

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