Emmerdale star Amy Walsh ‘wasn’t ready’ to return full time as Tracy

Amy Walsh, who will reprise her role as Tracy Metcalfe, is one of the celebrities who will return to Emmerdale as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations. This will immediately make quite a commotion in the community.

Amy described Tracy’s return plotline to us as “a lot happening for Tracy in a short period of time.” She has some news for Nate, but when she sees him, it’s not as simple as she might have anticipated to break the news to him.

Tracy moved to Nottingham with the couple’s infant daughter after Tracy and Nate broke up because of his infidelity.

Nate has since begun to date Naomi, but will there still be a spark between them when Tracy comes back? How will he respond to her shocking news, too?

Amy said she has loved returning to Emmerdale, and she has especially appreciated meeting her coworkers and sharing Bonnie, the child she shares with former EastEnders actor Toby-Alexander Smith, with them.

‘Since we’re situated in London now and haven’t been back before, it’s been really nice seeing everyone again and being able to bring Bonnie into work to meet everyone. The last time I was here, things were considerably different, so it’s nice to be back now that all the COVID limitations have been abolished, she adds.

Amy explains that executive producer Jane Hudson asked her if she wanted to be engaged in the 50th anniversary when she went on maternity leave.

When it came down to it, I simply wasn’t ready to come back full time,’ she says. “[Jane] stated it was all happening around August and September and said if I wanted to be a part of it to let her know.”

She very sweetly offered to write me in and out again so I wouldn’t have to cut my maternity leave short, and since I still attended the 50th anniversary celebrations, it was a win-win situation.

Although Tracy’s return to the Dales is described as “a temporary homecoming for now,” it sounds like she will have a significant influence.

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