Emmerdale spoilers: Who is shot as video clip hints at death?

The shotgun siege on Emmerdale is about to become even more dangerous, as a new video reveals that David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) will be drawn into the deadly situation.

Russ waved a shotgun around, demanding that Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) and Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) hand over the money, and viewers watched with their hearts in their mouths.

Russ has threatened that they are all alone, and that if they try anything, it would be too late by the time anyone comes to aid.

Upstairs, though, an unconcerned David is scanning documents while tossing shapes to some music.

That guy knows how to have a good time.

He will soon become aware of what is occurring below him, as the new teaser for the dramatic climax of the siege indicates.

Chaos erupts as he tries to intercede, and the gun goes off – but who has been hit, and will they die?

Will Russ be able to receive the money he so desperately needs?

Wendy has also had to admit to Victoria that she isn’t a qualified nurse as a result of the altercation.

So, whoever gets shot can’t really expect her to be of much help.

The siege scenes will air on Thursday and Friday, as Wendy, Victoria, and David’s lives are about to change forever.

But what are the ramifications?

‘Viewers should be very, very scared that a death may be on the cards,’ Susan recently told Metro.co.uk.

‘The fact that he’s now involved in armed robbery has dramatically increased his degree of crime; he wasn’t like that while they were together. Now that he knows he’s into guns, the threat is much bigger.

‘Basically, he’s saying, get the money back or we’ll have to move to Plan B.’ Plan B, on the other hand, is somewhat terrifying. Without going into why she needs the money, it’s an impossible scenario. That sets off all of Wendy’s knowledge that she doesn’t want anyone to see.’

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