Emmerdale spoilers: Wendy takes revenge over Bob and Bernice ‘affair’

A furious Wendy Posner exacts revenge on Bob Hope for his alleged romance with business colleague Bernice Blackstock, according to Emmerdale spoilers for the episodes airing next week.

This occurs in the middle of a trying week for Bob and Bernice.

Nothing is going well during the B&B’s grand re-opening.

Bob initially has trouble handling Cathy’s strong anger.

Then, a shocking event ruins the B&B’s re-opening spirit.

Wendy exacts her vengeance on the “love rat” as she mishears a conversation between Bob and Bernice.

Read the spoilers we have for this story in Emmerdale below.

Bob and Bernice prepare for the B&B re-opening

This week marks the B&B’s official reopening under Bob and Bernice’s ownership.

But, Cathy’s volatile temper is putting strain on Bob.

He feels even worse when Bernice hires a harpist she obviously likes for the re-opening.

When Bob advises that Cathy stay somewhere else for the B&B’s opening, Cathy later disagrees with him.

The cake Marlon just brought over is accidently ruined the following day by her.

Cathy runs away in tears, feeling degraded.

The unexpected change of events has left Bob exhausted.

Bernice gives Cathy an amethyst pendant to assist her cope with her tension while she tries to relax Cathy in the meantime.

When Bob says he’d rather she stay away from the B&B, Cathy loses her temper despite her attempts at an apology.

She crushes the amethyst jewelry with her furious foot.

The B&B re-opening is hit with a shock death

When Bernice oversleeps the morning of the grand opening, Bob and Bernice’s B&B spirals even farther into disarray.

She is thrilled to see Tim the harpist when she awakens close to him.

Nevertheless, when she realizes the time, her happiness rapidly transforms into terror.

Unkempt Bernice uses a frustrated Bob to make up for her absence.

Bob and Bernice are anticipating their first customers that afternoon.

Bernice steps in to fill in for Tim the harpist’s absence.

Bernice enjoys being the hostess as the attendees for the re-opening show up.

When Bob informs her that he discovered Tim the harpist dead in one of the bedrooms, she is astounded.

Emmerdale spoilers: Wendy gets the wrong idea

Later, Wendy hears Bernice and Bob talking to each other incorrectly.

She leaves with the impression that they shared a bed.

Bob allegedly betrayed Wendy, and she is completely upset.

When Wendy claims that Bob had an affair with Bernice, Bob is appalled.

She pours icy water down on him from an upper floor window.

When a sopping wet Bob shows up at the B&B, Bernice is perplexed.

The claim that she had an affair with Bob infuriates her.

She immediately comes up with a strategy to step in after suspecting that Wendy might be going through the menopause.

A worried-looking Cathy arrives to talk to Bob in the interim.

Can Bob and Bernice explain the situation to Wendy?

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