Emmerdale spoilers tonight: War between Will and Cain over Kyle dispute?

Will and Cain argue over Kyle, according to tonight’s (Wednesday, February 15) Emmerdale spoilers.

When Will refuses to allow Cain spend time with Kyle, Cain becomes enraged.

What degree of discord between Will and Cain is revealed in tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers?

Emmerdale spoilers: Will and Cain clash over Kyle

Cain is under pressure tonight because Kyle’s court appearance is coming up.

Cain is angry with Amy because he wants to help his kid, but she won’t budge from Kyle’s bail requirements.

Later, Kyle and Lucas begin playing a game together in The Hide.

Will offers to take care of Kyle because Amy needs to leave quickly to sign some documents for the lawyers.

When Cain approaches them on the playground, he takes him there but is cautious.

Will is certain that Kyle shouldn’t be approached, and Amy agrees.

When Amy shows up and supports Will’s position, Cain becomes furious and lashes out at Will.

When Caleb sees that things are getting heated, he drags Cain away so that he can settle down.

Amy is enraged by Cain’s outburst and returns home to inform Victoria of it.

She then reveals the startling strategy she has developed.

How, though, will Amy’s scheme impact Cain?

Emmerdale spoilers: Noah’s insecure over Samson

Noah was envious last night (February 14) as he saw Samson and Amelia spending time together.

Noah was surprised to see Samson, Amelia, and Esther seated at a table together when he arrived at the café with some Valentine’s Day presents for Amelia.

Noah was reassured by Amelia that Samson was simply taking a step in the right direction by trying to get to know his daughter.

Noah didn’t believe it.

Tonight, Noah becomes more uneasy about Samson.

But is Noah justified in being concerned?

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