Emmerdale spoilers tonight: The truth behind Cain’s traumatic past finally revealed…

Tonight’s (Thursday, July 7 2022) Emmerdale spoilers reveal Cain finally tells Chas what Faith had him go through.

Will Leyla ultimately tell him the truth? Liam is growing more concerned about Leyla in the meantime.

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode, there is all this and more.

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Is Cain’s traumatic history with Faith now known?

Cain is quietly distraught over Faith’s announcement as he stands in a field.

Knowing that if he doesn’t contact his mother soon, he’ll regret it, Moira tries to reason with her husband.

Soon after Cain requests a private conversation with Chas, an emotional night starts.

As Faith makes her way to Eric and Brenda to share her news.

The three friends stay up late as Faith muses over all of her regrets involving Cain. It’s a difficult night.

When Cain and Chas are alone, he talks about his horrible previous experiences and the harm Faith has caused him.

Chas is aware of her brother’s suffering.

The siblings get along as they share stories throughout the night, and Cain decides to try harder with their mother.

They spend a long night together and part ways amicably.

But how will this affect the bond between Cain and Faith?

Liam is told the truth by Leyla?

Leyla uses her sadness over Leanna to explain herself when Liam questions her again.

She is unaware, though, that this has just increased Liam’s rising anxiety.

When Liam asks why she lied about being with Priya, she becomes terrified.

He shares his ideas with her. Has he discovered what is occurring?

Later, Leyla comes home to find Liam asleep and sets her cocaine bags on the table in an apparent effort to persuade her to speak the truth.

Yet, will she come clean?

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